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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Babies and Children

Coronavirus in Babies and Children

Covid 19 cases are rising yet again in India especially in major cities. The most important thing in this situation is taking care of new-borns and children. Babies and little children may not present the common symptoms of covid. Hence, we must take extra precautions to protect newborn babies and alert any abnormal behaviour.

Some of the more common ways to protect babies and children from the coronavirus include washing your hand thoroughly before handling babies, get fully vaccinated as quickly as possible, wearing a mask etc. eating nutritious food by pregnant mothers to enable adequate breastfeeding.

How to protect your New-borns if you are in isolation with them?

Wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Use sanitizer frequently. Wear a mask whenever you are within six feet of your child. Maintain social distancing with your child as much as you can. Make sure to keep washing your hand thoroughly and sanitize things frequently even if your isolation period ends. There is no evidence that breastfeeding your baby can transmit covid from a mother to a child. Although you must wash, your hand while breastfeeding and make sure to wear a mask.

Vaccination for children

The government of India has allowed vaccination for kids above the age of 15 years so if your child falls into that category make sure that he or she can get a vaccine. The government approved vaccine for kids are safe and has shown minor side effects such as mild fever, body pain, fatigue and redness. Do not fall prey to all the rumours circulating on social media. Consult a doctor before making any decision. Some children may get covid even after vaccination but the severity will be mild.

Vaccination in New-borns

So far, the government hasn’t approved any covid vaccine for new-borns babies. There is no need to stop regular immunisation for new-borns.

What is the recommendation regarding mask in children?

According to expert double masking is not necessary for children. Three -ply mask or an N-95 mask is sufficient against covid transmission.

Omicron scenario in babies and children

The new variant is rarely affecting newborn babies to the extent that even mothers who have given birth during this period are not affected. Covid-19 in children is not something to be scared about. Children are not more susceptible to covid than adults are. The rate of hospitalisation is also low. 

Covid 19 in Babies and Children

We must talk to our children about coronavirus and update them about them. Share information that is verified. Observe and analyse children’s behaviour closely. Be a good role model as children learn from their elders.

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