Common Muscle Building Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

How to Fix These Common Muscle Building Mistakes That Ruin Gains

Bodybuilding is such an individual sport — one where excellence is built on more trial and error than we sometimes care to admit. Nobody gets it correct all the time. If that were the case, we’d all be sporting Olympia-contending physiques on stage and chasing down supplement contracts. But one of the ways to achieve effective results isn’t to ensure you’re getting everything right but rather to evaluate what you may be doing wrong.

Common muscle building mistakes

The following list represents the most common training and dietary mistakes that people make as they work to build lean muscle and torch more body fat:

Get the training pattern right

‘’The troubles people have in building muscle/getting fit is not using a programme designed by a professional and sticking to it," says personal trainer Chris Bathke. Working with a programme that utilises the overload principle, periodisation and other facets of an intelligent scientific programme then progress would be constant with the help of an expert trainer would help. Workout hard and workout smart.

Focus on the right food

Without addressing your nutritional approach, and making it meet your goals, you are unlikely to ever make much progress in changing your physique. Even if you're armed with the best workout programme in the world, it's all futile if you fail to kick that. You might get stronger and a little bigger, but you're never going to look good and feel good. Spend at least as much time sorting out your diet and essential supplements with the nutrition expert as you do planning your workout.

Having poor form

For your workouts, there are many dangers to using the improper form when lifting weights or for that matter any physical activity. The biggest one is the risk of injury. If you get injured then you won’t be lifting weights for a while and you surely won’t be building muscle either. And so to take a step back and re-evaluate their form would be a great idea. So consider this: while you can still build loads of muscle using poor form, it’s not as efficient as learning the proper form of your workouts.

Skipping breakfast

If you’re lucky, you get to grab some coffee before sprinting to your work and diving headlong into your morning commute. But to Wake up. Shower. Shave. Get dressed. Is the normal routine for today’s fast life. Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast are much more likely to overeat later in the day and also to gain fat weight. Also, running to work after waking up, your body is using your muscles for energy, which it needs to fuel basic activities, and it’ll take it from somewhere, even your muscles. Refilling muscle glycogen with some healthy, slow-digesting carbs or introducing some amino acids with a protein quick meal in the morning with essential multivitamins is a must. Missing breakfast also interferes with your blood-sugar level, causing undesirable swings in energy and unwanted storage of body fat.

Excessive cardio

Weight training is fat-fighting activities anyone can engage in since it builds muscle, which is metabolically active tissue. But performing cardio is absolutely essential if you expect to get your physique dialled in — it taps into stubborn pockets of body fat and increases your overall cardiovascular health. Cardio burns calories, but calories build muscle, so adding size will be much more difficult if your body is fighting a constant calorie deficit while working out. Excess cardio will sabotage overall body composition. Plus, excessive training can restrict recovery and spike the stress hormone cortisol, which can interfere with muscle growth and fat burning.

Not eating or eating fewer carbs

You might do well on a low-carb diet or any crash diets but those diets aren’t for everyone. If you’re working out intensely, you will need energy and your body can get it through the form of glucose from carbohydrates. Good quality carbs and its correct time will help push you in the gym to lift more weights, leading to better muscle building results.

Common muscle building mistakes

Not drinking enough water

Your body is made up of two-thirds water and out of that, two-thirds of that water is found in your muscle. Your muscle cells are composed up of protein and water and if you want to gain more of it you need to increase your water intake. And so adding a lot of water with proper electrolytes and hydration drinks in your day are very essential.

Common muscle building mistakes


Training breaks your muscle tissue down. It repairs it again for the recovery with correct diet practices. It might seem correct that the more you workout, the more muscle building you’ll accomplish. However, this isn’t the case as working out too often can cause your body to burn out because your body will not be getting the best time to do so. This can increase your stress hormones, leading to injuries and decrease your immunity. Also, you put your central nervous system at risk by overtraining and this can adversely affect your results.

Common muscle building mistakes

Not stretching enough

If you start or finish your workout without stretching, you’re missing out an important part of the muscle building process. Stretching at the end of a workout not only starts the recovery but helps prepare your body for the next workout. Without stretching, you can leave your muscles stiff and risk injury.

Taking supplements on the wrong time

The supplement industries have grown to be mammoth sized. So it’s easy to fall victim to their all-reaching marketing campaigns. Sure, there are a few essential supplements that are proven to work. The problem is, when you think you need to be taking X, Y, and Z supplements in order to build muscle and see progress, you sell yourself short. Taking help from qualified sports nutrition expert would be advisable for correct results rather than experimenting it yourself.

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