Come what may, the training never stops - Read about Smita's fitness regime as she preps for the races!

Published : Jan 03, 2017
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  • Updated On : Dec 10, 2019
    Is it week 6 already? Gosh, does time fly!

    Why does all the peak training for SCMM happen during season time? (Rolling eyes). As a baker, this is the busiest time; to top it all December is always the party month and most of my friends? birthdays are in this month as well so it?s quite a task to keep up with the training plan.

    Friday -

    Start of a busy weekend with baking orders for the next 3 days.

    Got up pretty early so that I could finish working out my back biceps followed by planks before I came home to start baking. As usual had a banana, my Calcium, Vitamin D and B12 tablet and Fast&Up Activate. In no time, I was all pepped up and ready for a good workout. Managed to do some good sets for back biceps and then some planks for core. You are usually always working your core while doing any weight training, be it upper body or lower body. But with training for SCMM, I am going to the gym only twice a week so I don?t get to do that type of training much. I was feeling quite strong today and wanted to increase my weights but didn?t take that chance as Saturday was a big day. Our last 32k run before starting tapering for SCMM. We runners at Radstrong with Kaustubh and Amod?s go ahead had decided to finish our 32k on Saturday as Sunday was Christmas and some people were leaving town. I came home and got busy with baking. I was thinking of the next day?s run and trying to take breaks to just sit as I didn?t want to tire my body. But taking a break is quite tough when you have a teenager and husband at home! My husband is on leave and my teen has school vacations so I have to manage their schedules as well. Believe me, that?s tougher than running a full marathon J?but I?m lucky as they are quite supportive as long as I give them attention from time to time, haha!

    Amidst all of this I remembered to take my Fast&Up ?Prototal and sip on Fast&Up Reload to prepare my body for the next day?s run. I always cook chicken and brown rice or pasta for dinner before a long run. It really works for me. Today?s chicken was absolutely delicious and I actually had a bit more than how much I should have had! Hey, it?s alright, after all, I am running 32 kilometers tomorrow! I was in bed by 10.00PM and off to sleep by 10.45PM.

    The best thing is that I don?t feel as stressed anymore before a long run. In fact, I look forward to it and I also sleep much better. My confidence levels have gone up ever since I have done well over the past few weeks of long runs. Like I said in my last week?s blog, the combination of Kaustubh's training plan and Prototal is working really well for me. I feel so much more energetic even after being on my feet the whole day!


    Alarm goes off at 4.15AM, I make my ginger tea, that?s something I can?t function without. I start thinking and visualizing about my run. I knew the route that I was taking with the Radrunners today. Visualizing helps me a lot and keeps me focused. Filled one bottle with Fast &Up Reload and filled 2 more bottles with it for after each loop, plus I carried 3 gels and 2 dates.

    Just before leaving the house I had my banana, filled a bottle with Fast&Up Activate and started driving to the university where we were supposed to meet at 5.30AM sharp. The drive at that time in the morning takes me about 20-25 minutes due to the empty roads and I have to admit I normally blast my favorite music. It always energizes me and puts me in a happy mood but today, I had company. I picked up Ironman Solonie who lives just 5 minutes away and both of us chatted on our way. I took my Fast&Up Activate as soon as I parked my car.

    So now Solonie, Prajakt, Preeti, Ajay, Vijay and I decided to run together as we had almost the same pace. After warming up we started at a decent pace and soon got into the rhythm. Prajakt and Solonie were chatting most of the time and though i was a little ahead i was taking part once in a while but most of the time running with my own thoughts. I knew I had a long day ahead of me. I had a whole lot of orders and I was praying there would be no goof ups. I didn?t even realize when we finished one loop. Quickly changed water bottles from the car and just like that we finished the 32k and how! I was really happy. My pace was bang on, absolutely no walking, in fact I had to control my pace from going too fast. Prajakt was so encouraging throughout and during the last few kilometers he was fantastic in helping Solonie and me finish strong.

    When I finished Amod actually commented ?Smita, you don?t look like you just ran 32k!'. And he was right. I was still feeling good to run some more. After some good stretching, taking Fast & Up Recover and then breakfast as usual with everyone, I headed home to some Marathon baking!

    It was only at 4.30 or 5.00 when I finally managed to get a break and I realized that I was feeling completely knackered. I even had my lunch from last nights? left over chicken and rice on my feet. Thank God my husband and son had decided to go out for lunch as they knew I was going to be busy.

    Finally got done with the all the Christmas orders, put my feet in a bucket of ice water and then just passed out after dinner in no time!

    Sunday - Merry Christmas!

    Got up?at?7.00AM. As soon as I got down from the bed I thought my legs were going to give away, sore as hell! But with a little bit of moving around and stretching, I felt better. Now Kaustubh and Amod had insisted that we all must do some recovery, 3 to 5 kilometers of easy running, jogging, walking, swimming or cycling - any one of these. I decided to go for a walk that too was actually daunting as I was feeling really sore but surprisingly after a few meters of walking, started a slow jog and eventually broke into a nice easy run. Bumped into Solonie who had just started her run too. I tried my new adidas shoes given by Adidas team today. Very comfortable for short runs I have to say. Today I realized the importance of a recovery run, all my soreness just disappeared. I felt totally back to normal and all ready for the Christmas party we were invited to! My friend and host of the party had requested me to bake my Lasagna, so made that and got ready to party. I had a great time with our friends, I actually had the energy to dance as well. Everyone was having some Sangrias, beer & mojitios, while I sipped on an orange juice. There was a time when I used to love my Vodka tonic but I have given it up since August except for an occasional wine.

    Monday -

    Rest day! I woke up without any hurry, did some yoga asanas, meditation and had a few orders to work on, then went for an evening show of Dangal with Arjun and Rohan & I loved it! It portrayed how a good coach along with discipline, focus, training and determination can make you a winner.

    Basically after I finished my morning orders it was a nice relaxed day with family. Always love some family time J

    Tuesday -

    Speed workout day and it was incredibly fun. 200/400/600/800 speed intervals

    If I have to compare my progress to last year, I am really happy with myself and that?s what is most important.

    Gave my best today as I was feeling just great and recovered from my Saturday long run. What I love about us Radrunners at Radstrong coaching is that no one competes with one another. We all just want to compete with our own self and at the same time we motivate and encourage each other. Kaustubh and Amod asking us about how we are feeling, if there is any pain, aches, discomfort etcetera always helps after a workout.

    After our workout,?we headed to have coffee at our usual place and discussed the week ahead.

    I got back home, ran some errands, went and got some shopping done for home and also myself (wink wink) There were no orders today so got some work done around the house and then we went to visit my parents who live close by.

    Wednesday -

    I decided to go and workout with my husband who is also a fitness buff. It was chest, shoulder and triceps today with a light leg workout. I had a lot of orders and later attended a barbeque party. It?s really tough to stay away from all the goodies during this season being the foodie that I am but I try and eat everything in moderation and if I do overindulge I balance it out the next day by eating clean and healthy food.

    Thursday ?

    It was a nice & easy tempo as I am doing my first taper 20k run tomorrow and then I am off! Some rest and relaxation with family and close friends to bring in the new year at Panchgani. It?s one of my favorite place to go and relax.

    It was great catching up with my Pune Roadrunners today for my tempo run.

    Thursdays I never take any orders as in Pune we normally never have electricity. So I came home to practice some asanas, packed for tomorrow, looked up some new desserts, did some cooking and spent some time with family.

    So that was my week! The training never stops, come what may J

    I am feeling better and more confident than ever before , not at all stressed out and that makes me happy and I?m looking forward to a fantastic 2017!

    Wishing all a very happy, new, healthy, pain free and injury free year J
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