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Chennai Duathlon 2017

Chennai Duathlon 2017 CHENNAI DUATHLON 2017 is an endurance event, created by a group named ?Mongrels? in 2012 with the intent of combining fitness and fellowship. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts participate in running and cycling events. A Duathlon is an event which excludes the swimming event of a Triathlon. A Duathlon consists of a running leg followed by cycling and then another running leg (RUN-CYCLE-RUN) conducted by fitness individuals that resembles to a Triathlon. A Duathlon can be for those who do not come from a swimming background.? Chennai Duathlon 2017, an athletic event requires to perform this series of events in a variation which needs to be undertaken simultaneously by the team of fitness enthusiasts. While we challenge our body to perform the best, we should also understand the increased and immediate nutritional requirements in such endurance events. Proper hydration is one of the most fundamental tenets of performance nutrition. At times, especially during such endurance events, hydration can be the difference between life and death. Maintaining fluid intake during such an endurance event is as much an art as a science. REMEMBER: The goal is simple ? replace the fluids and electrolytes that were lost. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? The answer is through adequate HYDRATION! But, what is more important is that you hydrate right and you hydrate well (which is a task). WONDERING HOW? Don?t worry, FAST&UP has got your back! FAST&UP, PROUD HYDRATION PARTNER FOR CHENNAI DUATHLON 2017 will be taking care of your body?s hydration demands and shall equally partner you to accomplish your ?Duathlon Goal?. While you strive hard working towards this goal, while you RUN-CYCYLE-RUN, we strive hard to make it easy for you by providing just what you need, HYDRATION! HOW DOES FAST&UP RELOAD HELP YOU IN CHENNAI DUATHLON 2017? We lose our electrolytes at a faster rate than we know and while we are performing such strenuous activities, we definitely can?t last longer if our body is depleted of its resources. When you get desperate to perform your best, you tend to challenge and sometimes even over-exert your body. Well! In order to do so, your body gets desperate too! Desperate to get back all it has lost in the process, desperate to regain all the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, carbohydrates and antioxidants it had lost to help you work towards your goal. Fast&Up Reload helps you thank your body and provide INSTANT HYDRATION. Fast&Up Reload, being hypotonic in nature helps quickly absorb and replenish the fluid intake and helps regain all that it has lost and helps supply your body with the exact hydration demands of your body.INSTANT HYDRATION FAST&UP RELOAD IS INDIA?S FIRST HYPOTONIC HYDRATION PRODUCT and is an ideal choice for hydration with a perfect combination of Electrolytes, Carbohydrates and Antioxidants.HYPOTONIC HYDRATION SUPPLEMENT FAST&UP RELOAD:
  • Helps ensure quick hydration without drying the mouth
  • Helps relieve muscle exhaustion
  • Helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness
  • Helps prevent cramps
  • With the perfect combination of Maltodextrin: Fructose in 2:1 ratio, it helps provide instant and sustained energy with better absorption efficiency
  • Helps rehydrate body and maintain water balance in the body
WHO CAN REGISTER FOR CHENNAI DUATHLON 2017? Anyone who can ride and run can participate and Register for Chennai Duathlon 2017. Registrations are CLOSING SOON. REGISTER NOW FOR CHENNAI DUATHLON 2017! Two Lucky Winners Stand a Chance to WIN FREE REGISTRATIONS for CHENNAI DUATHLON 2017 TO WIN FREE REGISTRATIONS FOR CHENNAI DUATHLON 2017: Share and Retweet the Blog and Comment ?DONE? using #fastandup on Facebook and Twitter Log in to for a complete performance upgrade