Chair Exercise: Chair-ish Your Life with Chair Workout

Chair-ish Your Life with Chair Workout

Chair once given to you brings in a lot of responsibilities with itself. In order to fulfil them you remain confined to your chair throughout the day at your office. Almost 1/3rd of your day, you spend sitting at your office and do not engage yourself in any exercise. This may land you up into many health related troubles. The foremost thing that can happen to you is that you may gain excessive weight. Also, you may have to face back pain, your legs muscles might swell, unhealthy heart and many other health issues like varicose veins may crop up and you will have to fight them to live a healthy life.

Chair-ish Your Life with Chair Workout

Sitting all day makes a person dull and remaining confined to chair can also lead to stress and person getting angry and frowning at all. This temper stays along with the person and also affects his personal and social life. Considering all this, a person has to take care of his health and needs to engage himself into some form of exercise. Chair Exercise can be of a great help to one who has to sit all day for work purposes.
Chair exercise are very simple exercise that a normal person can do to remain fit and healthy. This exercise can be done sitting on chair at your workplace and does not require much space to do them. Some exercises that you can do are:
1. Leg rotation – Here you rotate your leg in circles in clockwise and then in anti-clock wise direction.

Chair-ish Your Life with Chair Workout
2. Arm circle – Here you rotate your arms similar to how you have to do in leg rotation.
3. Quick feet lift – In this exercise, you lift your feet and try to touch your chest with your knees. This activity has to be repeated several times.
4. Place running – Place running is very simple as you have to just run at your place without moving forward.
5. Chair squats – Here, you stand in front of your chair and you squat down like you are sitting on the chair and as soon as you touch it you stand up again.
6. Neck rotation – In neck rotation you have to rotate your neck making a full circle in both opposite directions.

Chair Exercise are advantageous for the body similar to normal exercises. They can help you save your money for a gym membership and yet help you to stay fit. Chair Exercises are essential especially for those who spend most of their day on their chair as it helps to get an erect posture, control weight, improve blood flow and benefit you in various other ways. They help you to remain stress free and focus on your work and ace your performance.

Chair-ish Your Life with Chair Workout

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