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Every marathon you run will make you realize that you have a faster one in you.

We’re always looking for good reasons to go on a run, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, a run date couldn’t be a better excuse. So why not do something different this year. No chocolates or flowers, but a promise to stay fit together! Because love is for the long run (pun intended)

This Valentine’s weekend you can plan to run for the Navi Mumbai Half Marathon!

Navi Mumbai Half Marathon is scheduled on 17th February 2019. Navi Mumbai Marathon is in its 3rd edition and the main aim of Navi Mumbai Half Marathon is to let runners enjoy the beauty of running. Navi Mumbai Half Marathon starts and ends at the CIDCO exhibition center Vashi, revealing the beautiful view of Palm Beach which will be further accentuated by the amazing weather we have this month!

TRIDHAATU Navi Mumbai Half Marathon 2019 logo 

Mr. Norrie Willamson is the race director. He has won 20 Comrades medals and has represented Britain, South Africa and Scotland at various running and triathlon events. He is very famous among the road running group in South Africa and all over the world. He has also written many books on running.

That’s just not it! The man who is an inspiration of many people Mr. Kapil Dev is the race celebrity of Navi Mumbai Half Marathon 2019.


      Race T-shirts

      Race Jackets


      Goodie bag

      Timing chip integrated Bib

      Air-conditioned Finish line


      International Affiliations

      En-Route fueling with Fast&Up!  

The best news:

Fast&Up Reload is the official Hydration partners with Navi Mumbai Half Marathon 2019! Fast&Up Reload is India’s first Informed-Choice Certified Effervescent Electrolyte. It is a certification program which ensures the supplement goes through testing and this certification is primarily for athletes, coaches, and teams. Reload has banned substances free and WADA complaint making this your safe choice 

Fast&Up Reload Tube with caption

Fast&Up is a hypotonic drink that is a perfect blend of electrolytes, antioxidants, and Carbohydrates.

Fast&Up Reload is a unique combination of Maltodextrin and Fructose in the ratio of 2:1 which gives instant and sustained energy. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Calcium in it help to prevent you from muscle soreness and reduce fatigue.

Fast&Up Reload is easy to consume - just DROP, DISSOLVE & DRINK!

Fast&Up effervescent tablets

Fast&Up Reload does not contain sugar because it contains Sucralose which makes Fast&Up Reload diabetic friendly*

Reload is available in three refreshing flavors Citrus, Berry, and Cola.

Sip healthy and feel healthy!

To know more about Fast&Up Reload visit www.fastandup.in

*Consult your medical advisor before consumption


Venue: CIDCO Exhibition center Vashi

Date: 17th January 2019

Wishing all the runner’s very good luck!








Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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