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The Best Calcium Supplements For Women In India

Published : Apr 20, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

Bones are main reservoir for Calcium storage in the body. Primarily Calcium intake was emphasized for Early Child growth and early human life. But now focus has also shifted to entire life cycle from birth to old age. Bone is comprised of 60% Minerals, 30% Matrix and 10% Water. Simplified explanation of bone formation is essential to understand the complexity and importance of Calcium in health. To maintain and create a new bone, bone forming cells called Osteoblast migrate to Non – mineralized matrix and attract Phosphorus and Calcium ions to create density (Mineralization) of the bone. Calcium and Phosphorus interdependently play key role in bone formation and repair

Fast&Up Calcium For Women

Calcium is major player in other important functions like Vascular Contraction, Vasodilation, Muscle Functions, Nerve Transmission, and Structural Framework. So it is vital to maintain and build healthy bone profile right from young age.

The Recommended Daily Allowance required to sustain and build bone health is 1000mg for age group between 19 – 50.years. Absorption rate of Calcium is varied although one may calculative consume calcium rich foods, there may be deficiency. As Calcium absorption occurs in Gastro intestinal tract but varies in small portion elsewhere too. Approximately 65% of Calcium is absorbed in GI tract with pH range being 6.5 – 7.5. It is important to note that Calcium is not absorbed in stomach.

Bone health starts at an early age, In fact it starts even before we are born at fontal stage. It is important to maintain bone health right from the start. The only putative mechanism that allows to determine bone health is Bone Mineral Density. On an average the BMD is low in women’s across all age group.

Low BMD is related to many factors in women's like – Age, Calcium requirement at different stages of life like Pregnancy and Lactation, Alcohol and tobacco, Hormonal effects, Post - menopausal calcium absorption, Estrogen and progesterone levels. One way to prevent Bone related problems is through Calcium rich nutrition intake. In Case of difficulties in that, one can also opt for Calcium supplements.

Fast&Up Calcium Supplements

Fast&Up Fortify calcium supplements contains 500mg elemental calcium from Calcium Carbonate which provides highest percentage 40% of elemental Calcium among other sources. Synergistic mix of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Magnesium helps standout from other Calcium supplements. Vitamin D3 is important vitamin in Calcium supplements as it helps with Calcium absorption. Magnesium works in tandem with Calcium and Vitamin k helps in Calcium adherence to bone.

Fast&Up Fortify is uniquely formulated with effervescent technology that offers faster absorption and faster action. It is easy to consume, just Drop, Fizz and Drink post any meals.

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