Interesting Facts On Calcium And Vitamin D Supplements

Published : Apr 20, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

    Bones are an essential part of our body as it plays one of the major role of supporting and being the frame and structure of the body. Building and maintaining bones in a good health is important for a long term health, which implies good nutrition is very much essential to have strong bones. One should know how much calcium and Vitamin D is required for the body, and factors like tolerability, quantity, content, and quality. 

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    Amount of calcium

    How much elemental calcium is required for the body is important to identify, because that is the actual amount of calcium absorbed by the body. The Supplement Facts and content label on any Calcium supplement is helpful in identifying how much calcium one should be taking in a day.

    For example, Fast&Up Fortify comprises 500 mg Calcium which is the recommended amount of calcium required for daily consumption. Along with 500 mg Calcium Carbonate, Fast&Up Fortify has the highest amount of elemental calcium, which is 40% as Calcium Carbonate which is by nature the most concentrated form of calcium.

    Level of Tolerability

    There are few side effects attached with consumption of supplements if taken in excess, or if taken beyond the level of one’s intake capacity. The side effects may include bloating, gastrointestinal problems, constipation, and so on. Hence you need to opt for supplements that you find tolerable.

    Other Medicinal Prescriptions

    While if you are exposed to any other diseases for which you might be consuming many other prescribed medicines, for ailments such as blood pressure, thyroid, any other antibiotics, which may affect calcium intake. Hence it is advisable to consult your nutritionist before opting for supplement.

    Kinds of Supplements

    Calcium supplements are available in various forms such as chewable, tablets, capsules powders, liquid etc. While if you have trouble in taking pills, chewable and effervescent tablets are one of the best options in such cases.

    Fast&Up Calcium Supplements


    The body must be able to absorb the calcium so that it is affective. Fast&Up Fortify comes with an effervescent technology which helps in faster absorption and acts faster. It comprises of 500 mg Calcium carbonate since it is the daily recommended amount of calcium required for optimal bone health with the highest amount of elemental calcium, which is 40%. Higher ratio of calcium means a lower number of tablets to reach the daily needs

    Too much calcium is risky

    If you are consuming calcium supplements followed by calcium-fortified foods, you might not realised but your intake of calcium is more that you should be having. You need to always monitor and check food and supplement labels to see how much total calcium you're consuming in a day and whether you're achieving the RDA but not exceeding the recommended upper limit.

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