Does Caffeine Actually Dehydrate You?

Caffeine: Is It Dehydrating or not?

Caffeine — found naturally in coffee, tea, soda, and even chocolate — is the most commonly used ‘pick-me-up’ stimulant in the world, and is people around the world use caffeine drinks to give a kick-start to their day.

However, there is a common belief that caffeine dehydrates you. Contrary to popular belief, it actually does not dehydrate you. This belief gained widespread reach only because it was claimed to be a diuretic but actually small increases in the output of urine, in the case of caffeinated beverages, is hardly dehydrating and actually has benefits to the human body that have been relatively uncovered. So let’s discuss the effect caffeine has on the body and how you can maximize its potential to boost your day with energy.

Is it bad for you?

All the research that has gone into investigating the effects of caffeine have not produced any evidence to support the fact that it is either significantly dehydrating or if it produces deleterious health effects. In fact, some scientific studies show that coffee actually has a number of health benefits. In fact, several popular instant hydration drinks include caffeine as it boosts energy through caffeine and optimum hydration.

Caffeine: Is it dehydrating or not?

Can you have too much caffeine?

In order to consume too much caffeine, and experience an ‘over-dose’ one needs to drink an equivalent of around 100 cups of coffee in a short period of time. As this is close to virtually impossible, the use of caffeine poses no real threat to the ideal functioning of the human body. After, all the #1 runners’ choice of hydration drinks contains caffeine to boost the runners during the intense physical exertion they endure.

Caffeine: Is it dehydrating or not?

In conclusion, caffeine is a beneficial stimulant that can provide focus, energy and an uplifted mood to kick-start your day into being active!

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