How to Boost Your Immunity with Vitamin C

Boost Immunity with Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin well known for its role in supporting a healthy immune system. Because your body cannot make vitamin C, it must come from the foods you eat and supplements every day.

What does a deficiency of Vitamin C causes?

A deficiency of vitamin C broadly affects the various key aspects of immune function, which include the innate system we are born with. And also, the adaptive system that develops from infancy to young adulthood, the cells that kill invaders, the cells that coordinate those attacks, and even the production of antibodies that fight known infections.

Aging is one major cause of lowered vitamin C levels apart from the other major causes. The concentration of vitamin C in immune cells decreases with age, partly the result of an increasingly oxidative environment that consumes it. This can lead to damage to DNA, proteins, and fat molecules needed for normal effective immune function.

Few people realize the importance of having adequate supplies of water-soluble vitamin C in their bodies. Without regular consumption, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) levels drop rapidly and can produce hidden effects, long before major signs of scurvy appear. Otherwise unexplained fatigue, or “mind fog” may, in reality, be symptoms of vitamin C depletion.

Why the immune system depends on Vitamin C?

One of the most major functions of vitamin C is to support and energize the body’s immune system. Immune cells have active vitamin C transporter molecules embedded in their membranes that actively pump the vitamin into the cells when more vitamin C is required. During times of inflammation or infection, those transporters ramp up their activity to provide sufficient vitamin C to the cells’ inner workings, causing cells to attain levels up to 100-fold that of the plasma level. This is why blood levels of vitamin C drop during times of disease or infection. Sometimes it might happen that just when you need extra vitamin C, your body’s stores are depleted. This also makes it especially important to increase one’s intake of vitamin C when sick. The content of this vitamin C within immune cells is closely related to those cells’ activity, especially in the case of specific cells that engulf and destroy infecting organisms (phagocytes) and of those that recruit, organize, and direct other immune cells (T-lymphocytes). You can improve your immune system’s function by including Vitamin C supplements.


How much is it required?

The RDA of vitamin C is around 90 mg per day. For optimal immune function, it is recommended that supplementing with 1 gram (1,000 mg) of vitamin C daily in addition to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Studies show that this amount of vitamin C can not only reduce the duration and severity of the common cold-but can reduce the incidence of developing a cold as well.

Vitamin C Supports The Immune System

Aged adults are at an ever-increasing risk of serious infections or cancers as their immune systems age.

An intact immune system relies upon many layers of protection from multiple cell types. And a host of immunologically active signaling molecules, too.

The function of those specialized cells and molecules is being increasingly found to depend on adequate supplies of vitamin C in the body.

Studies show that doses of vitamin C at 1,000 mg per day can effectively restore function to many components of the immune system.

Some studies confirm that vitamin C supplementation at 1,000 mg per day shortens the duration and mitigates the severity of colds, while also preventing colds from developing, especially in those with low vitamin C levels.

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