Best Calcium Supplements For Bone Integrity

Published : Apr 20, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

    Our Bone health completely relies on a compound give-and-take procedure called remodelling. Exclusive bone cells called osteoclasts go through bone tissue to help recover old bone and a pointed space is left behind. This give rise to other specialized cells known as osteoblasts to come in and fill these spaces with new bone. In this process, almost five to ten percent of all our bone tissue is replaced in a year. And so that these specialized cells perform efficiently, a balanced nutrition is highly essential. 

    Fast&Up Bone Integrity

    Apart from the above role, bones perform many other important role such as protecting organs, providing structure, storing calcium and anchoring muscles. It is very important to start building up a strong and healthy bone profile right from childhood.

    Our bone’s strength indicated how resistant it is against fracture. However it is difficult to quantify exactly as to what makes up a bone strong. One of the measure is ‘Bone Mineral Density’ also known as BMD. BMD is a strong study to identify fractures, and other such factors includes remodelling, bone structure and bone quality.

    During adolescence and childhood our bones are created and shaped by the process known as ‘modelling’ where the process allows new formation of the bone at one place and removes old bones from the place in the same bone. 

    When it comes to bone’s health, bone genes and environment plays a major role in the same. While bone’s size, shape are determined majorly by genes, the health is determined by the external factors like diet and physical activities. Not only does the bones need the same nutritional elements as what the rest of the body requires, but it also has a special requirement for large amounts of calcium and phosphorus.

    While adequate levels of these minerals can be obtained from diet that includes calcium in abundance such as dairy food, vegetables like broccoli, Kale, etc. are infused with a lot of calcium. However, in case if someone finds it difficult to get it from diet, one can opt for Calcium supplements. 

    Fast&Up Calcium Supplements

    Calcium supplements such as Fast&Up Fortify contains 500 mg Calcium carbonate as it is the daily recommended amount of calcium which is required for optimal bone health with the highest amount of elemental calcium, i.e. 40%. Higher percentage of calcium implicates a lower number of tablets to reach the daily needs. Vitamin D3 is required for calcium absorption. Magnesium works together with calcium, e.g. the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

    Fast&Up fortify comes with an effervescent technology, hence it is quicker in absorption and acts faster. You just need to take one effervescent table in 250 ml of water, wait for it to dissolve and drink.

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