Blossom Fernandez - Pushing Past and Excuses

Blossom Fernandez - Pushing Past and Excuses

Excuses stopping you from achieving something? Here’s a story of a Jet Airways flight attendant – Blossom Fernandez- to push you.

Imagine working at a world-class company only for someone to tell you that the company has shut down you are losing your job. Because of the strict competition between the companies and the economic slowdown, it’s difficult to find a job for the foreseeable future. Now consider what you will do? Triathlon, and that too, a full ironman race- which lasted almost 13.5 hours- is the last thing normal people would do in such a case. And that’s exactly what separates the ‘normal’ from outstanding.

The entire world heard about the Jet Airways shutdown. However, there were a few who experienced it. Losing a well-paying job while practicing for an event you have been focusing on for years can break you and the stress level can go so high that you might not even be able to concentrate on the basic needs of your life, forget about a triathlon event in Denmark.

However, a former flight attendant of Jet Airways Blossom Fernandez joking that it was probably a blessing in disguise and this being the best time to lose her job shows her mental strength, the strength that separates ordinary from legends. While talking to Fast&Up Blossom said you need to shift your thinking to the positive aspects of life in order to achieve something and if she was still working it would have been difficult.

However, it doesn’t mean that it was easy while she was working.


She had erratic timing because of her job. There was no fix day off and traveling across the world, through different time zones meant she couldn’t prepare a proper training schedule and running 42.2 km, riding 180.25kms on bicycle and swimming for 3.8km (full Ironman course) without a proper training is not an easy job, in fact it’s tough to even with training. However, she said she took it as a challenge and it was exciting to manage the job as well as Ironman training.


Blossom says, “There’s nothing that can stop you if you set your mind. The toughest decision is to decide what you want to do something.”
She trained 6 days a week. She had 2 sessions of running, swimming and cycling a week. The intensity and duration kept increasing as the race day approached. She claims it was difficult initially but you ensure you are training because you want to survive the race day and I had no choice but to rain.

She said normally people go through pain and question themselves why they are doing it but she trained really hard so she could enjoy it and she did it. She says it was very very tough but she stuck to it. On the race day, she was mentally very calm and enjoyed the race.

The biggest hurdle in her training was that her recovery time was hit. She says training is a waste if you don’t recover properly. She had to be on feet for extended hours because of her job. She had jet lags and no fixed schedule.


After losing the job, Blossom ran out of money to train and participate in the tournament. After suggestions from friends, she organized a crowdfunding event to raise the required amount (over Rs 2 lakh). She says she was hesitant initially and thought why would someone pay for her cause and help her. However, few strangers came forward and donated.

Getting into Triathlon

Blossom’s journey to Triathlon was never planned. She enjoyed running 5k and was part of Pinkathlon in 2016. She later did 1km Swimathon in Goa and then a friend suggested she just take a part in triathlon as only cycling was missing. She trained for her 1st triathlon even by watching videos and got hooked with it once she completed it.

She says she was happy when she did half Ironman in Goa and felt really great physically and mentally and felt she was ready for the full Ironman.


She was off white sugar, process, and pre-packaged food completely. She used high protein and Fast&Up recovery products after training from the very first day.


She was using fast and up before the company sponsored her. She said she was really proud that she did so as it really helped her.

Mohit Raj

-Expert and Writer

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