One of the biggest marathon in Mumbai


Got 99 Problems? The best escape is to run, ignore them for an hour and feel Run-derful! That hour of running serves as meditation and could help you solve your problems with a fresh perspective.

Mumbaikars are now extremely excited for one of the biggest runs in Mumbai which is just a month away! Nothing can make you feel as amazed as witnessing the entire vigour of Mumbai while running a Marathon. During the run, you watch people cheering for athletes and helping them with hydration, your perception of Mumbai will definitely change! You realize as you watch people run - When Mumbai hosts a marathon, it does it with heart!

Mumbai Marathon Runners 

Running a marathon is not only about physical prowess but also a mental exercise. It is proof of mind over matter and how training your brain is equally important so that you don’t give up! Here are some of the tips which can improve your run and make it a #FunRun

      Do your homework:  In order to practice, run on the terrain where you will be running on the date of the event, by doing this you will gain confidence and on the day of the event you won’t feel lost because the route and environment are already identical to you.

A female runner stretching in the morning

      No Shortcuts: No shortcut means start planning from now! When you prepare for a marathon, your body needs to train! Ideally, marathon training should begin a minimum 9 months before your run if this is your first run. If you have ran earlier, 6 months is also good. Your body is a sponge, the more you train it, stronger it will become and that will help make the difference between PB, BQ or even the goal you have set for yourself. Nothing is achieved without practice and that holds true when preparing for any marathon.


      Have a Good Sleep: Sound sleep is must, a proper amount of sleep will help you to concentrate more and will make you feel energetic, and research shows that healthy amount of sleep helps to enhance the athletic performance as well. With the right amount of sleep you feel fresh, and while running such a long distance it is important to feel fresh otherwise the run is not going to be a great run for you.


      Stretch out:  Stretch out and warm-ups are important because it increases the heat level in the body which helps relaxing the muscles and helps to prevent the body from any type of sudden injuries. First, warm up and then stretch and then your body is all ready to ace the race.


      Stay Hydrated:  Dehydration is deadly. It is important to rehydrate your body at regular intervals and maintain the fluid level balance in the body, and consuming plain water becomes boring after a point. It is a fact that flavored water helps increase the water consumption but along with flavored water choosing the right source of electrolytes is also important.

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So Mumbai, are you ready to be better?


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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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