The Best Travel Workouts You Can Do Without Equipment

The Best Travel Workouts

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, consistency is key in achieving the goals. And while travel workouts are obviously great if you can fit them in, don't stress about taking a few days off. But there are so many benefits to workout that are worth setting aside some time to train while travelling, including more energy and improved mood. The WORLD IS YOUR GYM.. wherever you go, break a sweat and stay fit.

The Best travel workouts

So whether you're on the road for work, vacation, fun, or visiting family, here are some travel-friendly workouts to try. To make a workout happen without making sure you Choose your hotel wisely, eat as healthy and hygienic as possible and drink up and stay healthy, pack light and smartly, carry your gym essentials and travelling essential supplements, explore by foot so you can be active that way and rise up early and run/ train.

Here are some of the top equipment-free, minimal-space travel workouts to help you make it happen no matter where you are on earth.

1. The 20-min hotel room workout: Set the clock to 15 minutes from now and perform the circuits.

Bodyweight squats: 20 reps

Incline push-ups: 15 reps (feet on the floor, hands on edge of bed or desk)

One arm luggage rows: 10 reps (each arm, use your suitcase as your weight)

Reverse crunches: 10 reps.<

2. Beginner bodyweight workout: Take your bodyweight as the weight and perform:

Bodyweight squats: 20 reps

Push-ups: 10 reps

Walking lunges: 10 each leg

Dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug or another weight): 10 each arm.

Plank: 15 seconds

Jumping jacks: 30 reps

Go through the circuit thrice. Your luggage weight might be the perfect weight to lift.

And Keep rehydrating with the electrolyte drink to replenish the water and electrolyte loss.

The Best travel workouts

3. The playground activity: Wherever you go, you’re often never that far away from a

playground of a park. Get a workout activity in there!

Alternating step-ups: 20 reps (10 each leg)

Elevated push-ups: 10 reps

Swing rows: 10 reps

Assisted lunges: 8 reps each leg

Bent leg reverse crunches: 10 reps

4. Advanced bodyweight exercises circuit: If the beginner bodyweight workout is too easy, then try out this for the advanced circuit. One legged squat: 10 each side [warning super-difficult, only attempt if you’re in good enough shape]

Bodyweight squats: 20 reps

Walking lunges: 20 reps(10 each leg)

Jump step-ups: 20 reps (10 each leg)

Pull-ups: 10 reps (or invented bodyweight rows)

Dips (between two chairs): 10 reps

Chin ups: 10 reps (try an inverted bodyweight row with an underhand grip

Push-ups: 10 reps

Plank: 30 seconds

The Best travel workouts

5. The Angry bird's workouts:

Bodyweight squats: 30 reps

Push-ups: 20 reps (or 40 knee-push-ups)

One arm rows: 30 reps (each arm) – Planks 60 seconds.

With training, you should be mindful of the importance of healthy eating too. And so, keep in mind that you include healthy foods, immunity boosting supplements and all your travelling essential supplements.

The Best travel workouts

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Sayali Naik

-Expert and Writer