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Best Protein Powders to Build Muscle

Published : Nov 15, 2021 1 mins read Updated On : Nov 25, 2022

Protein Powders for Muscle Gain

Protein powders are usually very popular among health-conscious people. There are various types of protein powders made from a wide variety of sources. You have so many options that it can be difficult to determine which will provide optimal results.

Here are some of the best types of Protein Powders for Muscle Gain –

  • Mixed Plant Protein Blends

These protein powders contain a mixture of 2 or more plant-based sources to fill your body with all the essential amino acids needs and a complete amino profile. Protein sources like Quinoa, Chia seeds, Pea, Brown rice are usually combined with each other.

Due to their higher fiber content, plant based proteins tend to digest bit slower as compared to animal proteins. Although this may not be the deciding factor for many individuals, it surely can limit the pace of amino acids pathway in your body that is used immediately after any training session

  • Casein Protein

This is often called as Milk protein, as the name suggests it’s found in Cow/Buffalo milk. However, the digestion and absorption rate of Casein by the body is much slower.

Casein forms a gel or globule like substance when mixed with stomach acids slowing down breakage of amino acids, resulting in a much gradual and steadier release of amino acids to your muscles eventually reducing the rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis.

Casein Protein shows Anti-Catabolic properties too, making it a good choice of protein for adding muscle mass

  • WHEY Protein

Whey is derived from milk too. Whey is the liquid that is separated from curd while the cheese making process. It surely has the highest protein amongst above mentioned but harbors lactose too with it – a form of sugar present in milk

While Whey Protein Concentrate retains some lactose, the Isolate variant has very little to negligible amounts of it as most of this milk sugar and carbs are lost during the filtration process.

When amino acids are digested and pushed into the blood stream quickly which itself is the main characteristic of Whey Protein, they’re readily available for Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) or in simple terms – building of new muscles

You can always choose the type of Protein Powder based on your goals and suitability.

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