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Best Protein Powders for Men

Published : Feb 01, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

Protein Powders for Men

If you are looking for healthy life, you need a good mixture of macro and micro vitamins. Protein is one of the most important macronutrients.

Although we receive a good amount of proteins through our diet sometimes, it may not be necessary to fulfil all the demand of the body. A lot of men lately are choosing active lifestyle, stronger immunity and endurance. Such men need more than the recommended allowance of protein to achieve that.

Men experience stress, pressure and anxiety in their daily life, which is, takes a toll on their health. In addition, it is difficult to get proper nutrition through regular diet especially protein. Protein supplements can provide you the required protein. They also provide other benefits like GI comfort, increased endurance and fast recovery is essential.

Whey protein contains a wide range of amino acids and is easy to absorb. It also has low lactose content along with a long list of health benefits. Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids.

There are mainly three types of whey supplements available in the market

Whey protein concentrate -

They are processed to maintain their nutritional value. Whey protein concentrates have low carbs and low fat content. It has 80% protein. Whey protein concentrate stabilises blood sugar and protect your cell from stress resulting to fat loss. It also decreases craving by decreasing blood sugar spike. It is also easy to digest.

Whey protein isolates –

It is further processed from concentrate to remove all fats and lactose. Whey protein isolate has 90% protein. It also contains a low level of cholesterol, fat and other impurities. It helps to reduce fat tissue and build lean muscle. Whey protein isolate also helps to reduce cardiovascular risk. It helps to reduce stress and depression also help to boost immunity.

Whey protein hydrolysed –

Whey protein hydrolysed is a pre-digested form of whey protein. It takes less time to digest. It contains 99% of protein. It is easier on your stomach due to low lactose. It is good for people who are following low carb and low fat diet.

Casein protein –

Unlike whey protein digestion and absorption of casein protein is slower. Casein protein helps in calorie restriction that is if instead of meeting 100% calorie needs if the number is reduced to let’s say 80% casein protein performs better. Casein protein is found to have antibacterial benefits. It helps to reduce blood pressure. Casein protein helps to reduce triglyceride levels after a meal. Some peptides in casein may contain anti-oxidant property.it helps in fat loss.

Pea Protein -

If you are a vegan then it is not possible that you will consume protein that is obtained from milk, which is an animal source. Pea protein has a good blend of BCAA and essential amino acids. Pea protein also helps in lowering blood pressure. Pea protein is easier to digest. Pea is not an allergen hence pea protein powder does not causes any allergic reaction. It’s complete blend of essential amino acids helps in muscle building and repair 

Best Protein Powders for Men

As you saw, there are multiple options when it comes to protein supplements. There are both plant-based protein and animal-based proteins to choose from. How to choose the appropriate protein powder? Consider following factors

  • Quality of protein powder
  • Your body’s requirement
  • Your body’s digestive strength
  • If you are allergic to any ingredient in the protein powder

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