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Best Foods for Runners Recovery

Best Foods for Runners Recovery

It’s important to prep your body with an extra ounce of energy and strength for a good run but what about after that?

Your muscles are constantly involved in active movement while running, leaving room for a strain causing inflammation and fatigue that absolutely needs to be tended to. And one of the major factors that boosts the recovery of your tired, post-run muscles is FOOD.

Food is the source of energy for pre-run routine, similarly food is also the remedy for a runners recovery after running. And with so many different food items being suggested for an effective muscle recovery for runners, we have compiled what we found as the best foods for runner’s recovery post a run.

  • Oats:

Best Foods for Runners Recovery - Oats

Whole-grain oats is an active store of all the nutrients, be it proteins, vitamins and most importantly, Carbs. Energy storage in your body is depleted after a run and to recharge your body, whole grains are an excellent source.

With richness of vitamins, proteins, fibres and CARBS, Oats is an all-round bowl of nutrients essential to recover your muscles after a run. You can add in a few berries and fruits to have a full, delicious bowl of nutrient-rich oats.

  • Veggie salad:

Another important nutrient which gets spent during a run is protein. Protein stored in your body constantly breaks down during your run and this essential nutrient therefore, needs to be replenished. One important storage of protein is veggies, especially green leafy vegetables.

Make sure that your post-run food contains veggies, be it in the form of a salad or a side-dish, this bundle of protein is an important muscle recovery food.

Best Foods for Runners Recovery - Veggie Salad

  • Turmeric:

Best Foods for Runners Recovery - Turmeric

What better way to soothe and heal your muscles after a good run, than the anti-oxidant and healing action of turmeric?

Owing to turmeric’s renowned healing properties, it is no doubt that it also plays an active role in recovering your muscles after a run.

Be it in the form of a powder or a supplement, turmeric helps to reduce inflammation and recover your muscles.

  • Protein Powders:

Best Foods for Runners Recovery - Protein Powders

While there are organic protein-rich foods, it is always better to ensure that your body is receiving the right amount of protein especially when you’re recovering after a workout or a run. Protein powders, be it whey or plant protein, provides you with the desired amount of protein to ensure that you are getting the required protein intake and is therefore, one of the important recovery-boosting foods.

A scoopful of protein in delicious smoothies or any other tasty recipe works wonders to give you the energy and your body the strength to heal after a run. 

  • Dried Fruits and Nuts:

Best Foods for Runners Recovery - Dried Fruits and Nuts

Yes, this also includes a spoonful of your favourite nut butter, be it peanut or almond. Since, proteins and carbs are covered, we move onto another crucial nutrient, Fats.

Fats, along with proteins and carbs, are also used-up to produce the energy required for running and thereby, your body needs to be recharged with fats as well. Dried fruits and nuts such as almond, raisin, figs, apricot, etc. are a great source of fats and are also a lighter part in your meal.

Ensure that you have either a bowl full of different dried fruits and nuts or one or two of them along with your regular meal or as a snack to complete your fat intake.

The conclusion is that, while there are several options in food, opt for those which provide you with all the nutrition, especially protein, carbs and fats. Make sure that you give your body complete nutrition, the time to recover with the right nutrition and also prepare your body to be active again.

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Doris D’Silva

-Expert and Writer