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Benefits of Running

Run. Sweat. Smile. Repeat. Running, it is truly a sport that gives you more than it takes! We all know it helps to burn calories and help you in leading a fitter lifestyle, but it offers so much more than that. As you prepare for the races, we give you few more reasons to go for a run!

Exercise your Brain Studies have shown that running is good for the brain. Physical exercise increases the generation of neurons and blood vessels which aid in learning and memory. These effects have also been hypothesised to delay the effects of age-related cognitive decline I Gotta? Feeling Running reduces the symptoms of depression and gives you a ?Feel Good Factor? Heart of the Matter Running is fantastic for your cardiovascular fitness. While running, your need for oxygen and blood flow increases significantly. This causes your heart to pump harder and more frequently in order to meet the increased demand for energy. The more you train, the more your heart gets stronger and more efficient. Skin Cleanse Like No Other Exercise is good for your skin. Not only does sweating rid your skin and pores of toxins, but the increased oxygen and blood flow boosts your skin?s health, thus improving your complexion! Stay Strong Running tones your muscles, however it is not just your leg muscles that benefit! Running trains your thighs, glutes, stomach, calves, peroneals and tibialis muscles to name a few.

Sleep is my Happy Time Running also benefits your sleeping habits! Studies show that those who undertake physical activities fall asleep quicker, sleep longer and are more alert during the day. Stress Free Zone Running is a great escape from the daily grind and improves your ability to cope with stress along with everyday irritations (we can?t avoid them, but we can ensure they don?t overpower us!) Happiness is an Immunity Running boosts the immune system making you more resistant to common illnesses such a cold, fatigue and allergies. So what are you waiting for? Tie those running shoes and get out of the door! (The blog is written to create awareness about benefits of running, the information has been sourced from -