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Published : Jun 12, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

Runners should eat a well-balanced meal that provides plenty of carbohydrates, moderate proteins and fats. Being aware of the quality, the quantity and timings of the food choices. Just as it is important to follow a well-rounded running program that will help you reach peak performance in your run, it is essential to fuel your body well. Runner’s diet is not something like a weight loss or a gain diet but it is all about consuming the right foods at the right times so it uses fuel needed to perform at its best. These needs will depend on your age, fitness level, personal preferences, physiology, training goals, etc.


Some of the tips for beginner runners are as follows:

1. Aim for a balanced diet: Follow the exact diet breakdown. As a general rule, a healthy diet should be high in carbohydrates, moderate in lean protein, and sufficiently in healthy fats. The three basic rules of a healthy runner’s diet are- Correct balance in food, variety in foods and moderation in one’s diet. Including various food groups and essential fitness supplements throughout the day is very important to get the right nutrients required for the function in the body.


2. What to eat before the run? Runners tend to adapt grazing and for good reason and so you need to maintain a more stable blood glucose level and to top your glycogen levels, both of which will optimize performance. Banana’s, nuts, oat meals are the ideal options.

3. What to eat during the run and accelerate your run? Easily digestible carbohydrate based snacks are best which provide a good source of energy. The big no are foods that are very high in fiber or fat and spicy foods as these can cause abdominal discomfort during the run. Including fruits and hydration drinks and energy gels to keep the electrolyte levels up lost in sweat is important for increasing the performance.

4.What to consume post run? When adding carbs to the diet post run. Your highest priorities in terms of recovery are initiating muscle repair and replenishing your muscle glycogen stores, so post-run refueling is crucial if you want to enhance recovery. Adding vitamin C antioxidants supplements will help in post run recovery too.

5. Avoid smoking and alcohol: Avoiding smoking will help you increase the lung’s oxygen intake capacity and help you breathe effectively during the run. Avoid alcohol will help you keep the laziness and the extra calories coming from it at bay. Hence, increasing the performance.

6. Use Sports nutrition products: Long-distance runners need carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement during such endurance run events, so getting a better understanding of your body can indicate whether or not you could benefit. Gels, chews and most sports drinks provide easily digestible carbohydrates during runs that last longer than 60 minutes which will help the energy levels up and replace the electrolytes lost in the sweat. If you’re sure about running like an elite runner does or getting fit and staying injury free one must take care of the diet and the essential supplements for the run with the help of a nutrition expert.


Sayali Naik
Sayali Naik
Fast&Up Nutrition Consultant

Sayali works with a tons of people and players across the globe and across the sports disciplines, from grassroot to professional Cricketers, Football players, Badminton. Sayali is extremely passio... Read More

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