Beetroot for Athletes

Published : Apr 23, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

    Fitness and nutrition are the jigsaw puzzles that perfectly fit with each other and are incomplete if treated as separate entities. To get in the fitness regime, various individuals follow different routines such as jogging, cycling, endurance sports such as swimming, weight lifting etc. along with diverse range for nutritional products which suits their activity. Perhaps the most commonly seen consumable near every Jogging track, gardens or sports arena is the beetroot juice. The vibrant beetroot red drink is what many binge upon for their workout nutrition support. So what makes Beetroots so special?


    Beetroots- The powerhouse of Nitrates!

    Beetroots are one of the easily available rich source of Nitrates along with antioxidants which possess multiple health benefits. Beetroot juice consumption help to increase the nitric oxides levels of the body which benefits mainly in improving the blood flow. This facilitates boosted supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles for enhanced energy production for the activity. The multi-fold health benefits of beetroots have been a topic of interest for researchers in order to quantify the performance-boosting aspects of beetroot usage for athletes. Various sports activities which can be benefited by certain optimal benefits of Beetroot nitrates such as improved blood flow boosted respiratory health along with antioxidant support etc.


    Improved blood flow- Nitrates are the key components of beetroots which enhance the levels of nitric oxide in the body. This is caused by vasodilation i.e. the blood vessels dilate which causes more nutrients to reach the muscles swiftly thus boosting the energy production contributing to enhanced performance and an active lifestyle. Including beetroots in the diet along with multivitamin supplements with rich nitrate boost healthy functioning of the body as well as performance output.

    Enhanced Oxygen supply- The Nitrates present in beetroot also prove greatly beneficial for cardiorespiratory health. Nitrates not only helps in improving the supply of oxygen-rich blood to muscles but also helps inadequate oxygen intake inside the muscles. This proves to be of great benefit for athletic performances of swimmers as more oxygen availability along with proper utilization of oxygen of muscles leads to improved energy expenditure during intense workouts.

    Efficient energy utilization- During athletic performance, the body requires more oxygen as well as nutrients. Higher levels of nitric oxides in the body impact the utilization of ATPs (Adenosine triphosphate) which are the energy packets required by the cells. Since less oxygen is utilized for muscle activity at the time of exercises, training etc. for longer period of time, performing moderate exercises becomes less strenuous that too without spending much of oxygen to sustain the same. This can be beneficial for runners, cyclists and also for sports like football, cricket etc.


    Role of Nitrate-rich supplementation for enhanced performance

    Use of supplements is a part and parcel for almost all the athletic activities either for training or during the competitive activity such as tournaments. The supplementation comes in picture where a naturally dense source of a nutrient is extracted and made available to consume without intake of additional raw compliments which generally occur in its natural source. Nitrate rich supplements intake can help to boost the performance results with daily consumption. Multivitaminstables are one of the excellent sources for gaining the overall nutrition required for athletes as well as fulfill daily nutritional needs for a healthy and an active lifestyle.



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