Beetroot and Its Effect: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Beetroot and its effect on heart health

Do you struggle with health issues like chronic pain, obesity, heart disease, etc. ? These are some of the health ailments that can be triggered by inflammation- your body’s natural way to protect itself from what it perceives as harmful. If it sounds like your issue, then it’s time for adding a boost to your diet.

According to the research, published in many scientific journals, Beetroot juice extract supplements could improve the capacity of exercise performance in some patients with heart conditions. It is to be seen that around half of all heart failure cases suffer reduced ejection fraction (Ref), a condition in which heart muscle contraction is ineffective, preventing enough oxygen-rich blood from reaching the body.

Beetroot and its effect on heart health

Beets are the prime sources of photo-nitrates which is great for health, helping your body to naturally lower and maintain a good blood pressure level which then it morphs into nitric oxide- a compound that opens up your vessels, which improves blood flow, lowering the pressure. The nitric oxide helps your body recuperate from intense physical activity and bolsters sports performance and endurance. It is found in various studies, that acute ingestion of nitrate in the form of a concentrated beetroot extract supplement increases aerobic exercise performance and VO2 peak. The nitrates in the beetroot help the blood vessels to dilate and thus increase the blood flow and hence increases the oxygen supply to the cells.

Beetroot and its effect on heart health

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