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IHFF Mumbai 2018- Check Out Fast&Up BCAA Supplement at IHHFF

Published : Sep 24, 2018 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 26, 2022


IHFF (International Health Sports and Fitness Festival), Sheru Classic features some of the best IFBB professional bodybuilders, bikini models and figure athletes, top strength and conditioning coaches along with world's best nutritionists, strongest men and various sporting disciplines. We get to see some very fine competitions like Men's Bodybuilding, Men's Classic Physique, Men's Physique, Women's Fitness, Women's Bikini, Women's Figure and Women's Physique. All athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the globe are expected to attend this fitness festival in Mumbai. We, Fast&Up are coming this time to IHFF Mumbai, 2018 with India's First Effervescent Range of Nutrition which not only dissolves quickly in water but also speeds up the absorption of the nutrition you need in your body. We have been fueling the athletes since 2015 and now we are all gearing up to fuel the fitness enthusiasts, to help you with the extra push you all need to overcome the plateau you might have hit and to supplement your fitness goals. We have a wide range of product for sports nutrition where each product addresses a specific need for a sports person or a health enthusiast. The Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) has always been one of the essential supplements in the fitness industry. The BCAA supplement by Fast&Up is a Swiss formula to support muscle recovery, enhance your performance in the gym, support your muscle pump post lifting those heavy iron, boost your protein synthesis and prevent muscle fatigue. Besides the loaded amino acid profile, the BCAA by Fast&Up is also loaded with fine minerals and vitamins to boost your immunity, functionality of cells, muscles, nerves, bones and the heart.


It contains vitamin B-complex with high dosage of niacin, also known as vitamin B3 which is a strong antioxidant and other vitamins like B-1,2,6 are also packed in our BCAA aiding to convert the nutrients into energy, amino acid metabolism, red blood cell production and the most important, B12, helps in DNA production, and red blood cell production. So, we are just not focusing on your physical goodness but overall wellness. Also, in order for the BCAA supplement to be effective and absorbed in the bloodstream, the micro-ionized BCAA are processed with one of the best in class Ultra Granulation Technology offering Ultra Instantized BCAA. Fast&Up BCAA drink offers rapid absorption along with superior taste and instant dissolution of energizing watermelon flavor. This drink helps minimize delivery time to your muscles along with the speedy muscle recovery during your workout. Fast&Up BCAA supplement helps in enhancing your workout by providing 10.5g of pure amino acids to support your muscle recovery, reduce muscle breakdown and boost muscle endurance thus, you can maintain your fitness goals on both training and rest days. Directions for use - Mix 1 scoop with 500ml of water. Shake well to dissolve. Drink during exercise(intra-workout) on your training days or throughout the day on your non-training days. For maximizing the results, use 2 scoops per day. Let's BUILD SOME MUSCLES, RECOVER & REPEAT!


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