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How Antioxidants Protect Your Body

What Food/ Supplements Are Rich In Antioxidants?

There are so many components of the food we are still yet to comprehend that provide in the betterment of our health. Eating a multitude of vegetables and fruits can help to make sure you get a distinct range of antioxidants to optimize your health. You can get the resulting antioxidants from these food sources:

  •  Vitamin A – liver, sweet potatoes, carrots, milk, and egg yolks
  • Vitamin C – Brocolli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower
  • Vitamin E – Almonds, avocado, leafy greens
  • Carotenoids – Apricots, asparagus, broccoli
  • Zinc – Beef, oysters, pumpkin seeds
  • Selenium – Brazil nuts, fish, shellfish

Antioxidants Rich Foods

How Do Antioxidants Protect Us?

According to several studies, here are the benefits of antioxidant protection:

  • protection against age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma.
  • delay ageing and improve the condition of your skin.
  • prevention of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia/cognition difficulties.
  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, poor cognitive performance, and other diet-related ailments
  • reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer disease, cataracts, and a few of the functional declines associated with ageing

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Should I Take Antioxidant Supplements?

The fact of the matter is, we all have hectic schedules that do not allow for us to optimize our diets in such a manner that we are readily available to consume foods that are rich in antioxidants, or at least most of the time. To ensure that we are boosted with antioxidant protection on a regular basis, you can switch to supplements that provide your daily dose of antioxidants.

Regardless, you must always be conscious of your intake of antioxidants as they are your body’s best friend!

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