Athlete Pervin Batliwala Review on Fast&Up Activate and Prototal

Another week of hard training and building a strong friendship with Fast&Up and ProTotal :)

I'm going strong, energetic and full of life.? The week's mileage was 80 km, ending with a strong 30 Km?on Sunday.? Started the?Sunday?run with porridge, banana, Fast&Up Activate and ended with ProTotal. Could manage a good 30 Km with a smooth finish.? To top it all, I went for a birthday bash the same evening and danced through the night.? Thanks ProTotal for a good recovery!

A running day is always a good day!

Now looking forward to a week of 82 kms and a?Sunday?run of 32 kms, half of it at marathon pace.? This will be my last long run before SCMM.

Looking forward to see how it all goes!