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Prajakta Karthikeyan is a runner, cyclist, triathlete, trekker and mountain climber. She is the boss-lady who lives life on her terms and gives it her personal best (pun intended)

A multitasker who has balanced her commitments in the most efficient way, Prajakta serves as an inspiration to all who want to succeed in their profession but also commit to fitness, family, and fun. She does it all, with a little help from a #healthyfizz :)

She believes that sports give her confidence and satisfaction of taking some time out for herself.

Prajakta’s favorite sports memory is her first 10Km TWCM 2012 run where she did her first 8K nonstop and that was the first longest distance she ran in her life.

Prajakta Karthikeyan is a Fast&Up athlete.

What Prajakta Karthikeyan says about Fast&Up:

I have been running marathons and other fitness events in India for more than 5 years with some success stories, some learnings and evolving with lot of fun and awe-inspiring people around.


I just completed a year of association with Fast&Up team and I believe it’s a perfect opportunity for me to thank them for being part of my journey all throughout.


During this year have tried various Fast&Up products through the most favorite ones are Fast&Up Activate, Reload, and Recover.


I have experimented with the products throughout the year and have noticed boost during my intervals and long runs when I take Activate 10 minutes before my run. It’s light on stomach where unlike when you take solids like fruits etc. it gives me the right amount of energy boost and preps me for a better run.


Fast&Up Reload contains the right amount of electrolytes with an appropriate amount of sugar that keeps me going during the run. They taste great and don’t leave you thirsty unlike other available products in the market. Fast&Up Cola is my new favorite and it’s a must try for every runner who is planning long runs.  I used Reload during one of my treks recently along with my friends and we could really feel the difference throughout the day.


Fast&Up Recover – it’s a post-run drink that helps you with faster recovery. My post workout headaches and tiredness have long gone and I am always ready for my next day workout. Thanks to Fast&Up for that!


I do not want to measure my success with races alone but the training days as they give me my everyday sense of accomplishment and achievement. Fast&Up is been extremely supportive all throughout the association not only with impressive product range they keep coming up with but also their awe-inspiring, creative and enthusiastic team you get to work along.


They say when you love or trust someone for who they are you see how quickly they transform into the greatest and most inspired version of themselves. Fast&Up has done exactly the same and I am grateful and proud to be part of Fast&Up team! Cheers to more years of success!!!

Prajakta Karthikeyan holding a Fast&Up sipper

Fast&Up Fuels Prajakta, What Fuels you?


Prajakta Karthikeyan is firm about her decisions and she chooses to be passionate about her dreams!


She an athlete who inspires us to aspire for more and never stop.


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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer