All You Need to Know about TMM 2020 by Blossom Fernandez

Published : Jan 06, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

    All you need to know about TMM 2020 by Blossom Fernandez

    A flight attendant turned triathlete, has been an inspiration for many. She began her endurance sport in 2016 with a 5K Pinkathon which she ran in memory of her grandmother who passed away due to cancer.

    The pleasure she got after crossing the finish line and the sense of personal accomplishment was something that made her go ahead and never look back again as she completed a few more runs in that year. In 2017 she participated in Goa Swimathon followed by a triathlon. 
    She even participated in a Half Ironman which she successfully completed in Dubai and is currently ranked at 4th position in India in her age group.

    Blossom will be running her first TMM this year.

    Here's everything she's got to say-

    1. Advice to runners running TMM 2020 first time.
    Respect the distance and train accordingly.
    Consume more carbs and electrolytes than you think you need.
    Mumbai is humid so make sure you are aware of your salt loss so that you can compensate adequately to avoid cramping.
    Focus on rest and recovery and don’t forget to foam roll.

    2. Your favourite TMM experience.
    This is my 1st TMM race so looking forward to finishing strong and within the target time.

    3.Importance of nutrition in running.
    Glycogen and fat are the fuel sources our body relies on during a run. That is why it is very important to consume carbohydrates, not only before a run but also during and after to replace lost fuel sources. If glycogen is not replaced during a run it leads to fatigue and ultimately performance suffers. It is very important to have a nutrition protocol in place during training and through trial and error find out what works best for you.

    Consumption of protein post a training session or race day is important to promote muscle repair and recovery and prevent injuries because the muscles have gone through intense strain and protein helps rebuild muscle fibers. The recommended time to consume carbs and protein post a run is 30min to get maximum benefit as that is when the body is primed to use the nutrition for recovery and muscle repair.

    4.FUP Reload go-to hydration for runners.
    I swear by FUP Reload because it helps maintain electrolyte balance and I have no fear of cramping as I know exactly when and how much my body needs. It is also convenient to consume as it is in a tab form and dissolves instantly. It is fast-acting and provides energy almost instantly and also very gentle on the stomach.

    5.Reload experience before TMM
    I have been racing for the last 3 years and have never used any other product other than FUP Reload – be it in extremely hot and humid temperatures of Goa/Dubai to cold freezing temperatures of Copenhagen, Reload has never let me down. I consume Reload every 20mins thereby ensuring that I am constantly hydrated and my energy levels are high. From running 5k to finishing an Ironman, FUP Reload has been with me throughout.

    6.How TMM changed running habits in the nation.
    TMM is the biggest and most prestigious marathon in India and every runner aspires to participate in it. The whole city comes together to embrace the event and it has the best crowd support. The participation of non-runners and the pride that they take in a race being hosted by their city boosts the morale of runners exponentially.

    TMM paved the way for smaller cities to host running events so that runners could participate and qualify for the race and also use those running events as part of their training for the big event. Running groups across the country have increased and they encourage runners across all demographics to participate and spread awareness about the benefits of running.

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