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All Indian Athletes Qualified for Tokyo 2021 Olympics

India’s History with the Olympics

In India watching the Olympics is truly an emotion for the people. The people show unconditional support to the players representing the Indian Flag and are rooting for them to get that gold medal home. India has won 28 medals at all Summer Olympic Games, and has had the Indian field Hockey team dominate the sport for a while in the Olympics.

Athletes Qualified for Tokyo 2021

All Indian Athletes Qualified for Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Achanta Sharath Kama

Achanta Sharath Kamal and Sathiyan Gnanasekharan who are the nine-time Senior National Champion and 32nd ranked player in the world in table tennis. Both of them have qualified for the Olympics 2021. Endurance is key in the game and Fast&Up BCAA is our Informed sports certified product which gives you the same.

Pooja Rani after getting 5 medals for India in the Asian Games for Boxing will be looking forward to scoring her best at the Olympics 2021. The drink she loves to train with is the Fast&Up Plant Protein, it is informed certified and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved which is great for Athletes to consume post workout to enhance their chances to victory.

Pooja Rani

The new 4x400 mixed relay race which makes its debut in the Olympics 2021 which will have its Indian team, with Asian Games Gold medalist Muhammed Anas.

PV Sindhu who is the World Champion in Badminton (Women’s Singles), will be taking part in the Olympics 2021.

Many more athletes have been qualified for the Olympics 2021, and have been training to their utmost best ability to get that gold medal home, and while training keeping in mind the need of keeping proper health and nutrition. Proper nutrition can be achieved by you too with the wide range of Fast&Up Sports Nutrition Products.

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