All Frequently Asked Questions about Corona virus – Answered!

Published : Feb 04, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

    Did you know that a global health emergency has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) over a new coronavirus? Well, yes. Following an outbreak in the central city of Wuhan, China, this virus has killed at least 361 people there. There has been a government lockdown in 20 cities, thereby quarantining approximately 56 million people. Worldwide, more than 17,300 cases of coronavirus have been reported, most of them at the Hubei province in China. Now, that's a huge number, isn't it? And did you know that 3 people are already affected in India? This makes it all the more important for you to know everything about coronavirus. We know that you have a lot of questions, and so, we have come up with a list of some frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with their answers. Scroll down.

    1. Coronavirus – what is it?

    All Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus – Answered!
    First identified in the 1960s, coronaviruses can be regarded as a family of viruses. These viruses are the main reason behind illness such as common cold and even some serious diseases including Middle East Respiratory (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). These viruses were originally transmitted between people and animals. It was believed that MERS travelled to humans from a type of camel, while SARS transmitted from civet cats to humans. There are a number of coronaviruses out there that are circulating in animals, but have never infected humans. However, this new strain – the novel coronavirus – is transmitting from human to human.

    2. What are the common signs of coronavirus?

    All Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus – Answered!
    Now that you know what exactly coronavirus is, let's make you aware of its symptoms. Well, the symptoms of this deadly virus are the same as any other upper respiratory infection. This includes coughing, runny nose, sore throat and fever. Do you know what's causing this coronavirus to spread more? People, in most cases, are not being able to understand whether they have been infected by this virus or is it just a different cold-causing virus, for example, rhinovirus. If the symptoms go away in a few days, then there's nothing to worry. However, in case a coronavirus infection spreads to the respiratory tract, which includes your lungs and windpipe, it can cause pneumonia. It is true, especially for people with heart disease, older age and weak immune system. Deficiency of Vitamin C and Zinc can cause more issues. So make sure to take supplements for Vitamin C and Zinc for Immunity. And one such product is Fast&Up Charge that contains natural Vitamin C.

    3. How to keep yourself safe from coronavirus?

    All Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus – Answered!All Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus – Answered!

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no vaccine for coronavirus. If you want to prevent this infection, do things that you’d do to avoid a common cold.
    • You need to have a robust immune response. Try Charge from Fast&Up. It contains Vitamin C with natural antioxidant. Take this supplement regularly and keep yourself away from common infections.
    • Exercise daily to keep yourself fit. Did you know that regular exercise improves your immunity? Get informed choice certified drinks to fight dehydration from training. You can take help of Fast&Up running drinks as well.
    • Always keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer handy. Whenever you wash your hand, make sure to wash it with soap and water.
    • Don't get in close contact with people who are already infected
    • Make sure that your hands are away from your nose, eyes and mouth

    4. How to treat coronavirus?

    • Drink lots of water so that you stay hydrated all day long. Did you know that there are many health issues that are caused by the lack of hydration? Try Reload from Fast&Up. This effervescent hypotonic hydration supplement prevents dehydration. 
    • Take rest – you need plenty
    • Take medicine for fever and sore throat – those are available over-the-counter. Are you a teenager? Then don't take aspirin. Instead, take ibuprofen.
    • In order to increase your immunity power, you can take supplements as well, such as Fast&Up Charge, which contains Vitamin C with natural antioxidant. 

    5. How dangerous is this new coronavirus?

    According to some experts, this new coronavirus is not as deadly as the other kinds of coronaviruses, for example, SARS. The latter took lives of about 800 people worldwide during an outbreak in 2002-2003. That, too, was originated in China and killed more than 300 people there. In terms of case numbers, however, this coronavirus is more widespread than SARS in China.

    6. In order to stop it from spreading, what is being done?

    All Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus – Answered!

    There are scientists who are working to create a vaccine for this new coronavirus. But the bad news is that it won't be available for mass distribution before the year 2021. Wuhan has been sealed off by the Chinese authorities effectively. Also, restrictions have been placed on travel to and from different other cities. This has affected around 56 million people. A number of airlines have cancelled flights to China and several countries have banned Chinese nationals from getting into their countries. Have you caught a cold recently? Then you should go and see a doctor. And don’t forget to take hypotonic hydration drinks and immunity supplements with natural vitamin C to keep yourself dehydrated and have a strong immunity system.

    7. Should you worry about catching this coronavirus?

    Have you been in close contact with a person who actually has the virus? If your answer is 'no', then you are likely to be safe. In India, there are only three cases of the coronavirus that have been confirmed so far. The last case was from Kerala. Of course, the situation is likely to change. Just follow the guidelines shared in question number 3 and you'll be able to stay safe from this deadly virus. Also, don't forget to take vitamin C and zinc for immunity, as this can help you stay protected to a great extent.

    Given the pace of international travel and the current spread of this virus, it is expected that the number of cases and deaths will increase. Don’t panic, take care of your health and get your Fast&Up Charge and Fast&Up Reload now!

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