Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) 2019

ADHM (Airtel Delhi Half Marathon), 20th October 2019

The capital city of India is, Delhi, is known for its historical monuments, lively tradition, and scrumptious cuisine, but now it is also known amongst fitness enthusiasts as one of the predominant running hubs. Continuing with it’s recognized reputation of hosting celebrated marathons, the 15th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is scheduled to take place on the 20th of October, 2019. It is commonly regarded as the world’s most prestigious IAAF Gold Label half-marathon. Carrying on the past success of the opening edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Procam focused its attention on Delhi and is now a cherished run for the past 15 years.

Furthermore, with celebrity runners like Rio Olympics marathon champion and the fastest marathoner in the world, Eliud Kipchoge, who commanded victory in Delhi in 2016. Daley Thompson, Jackie-Joyner Kersee, Sir Richard Hadlee, Alan Border, and Cathy Freeman have been the event ambassadors of this prestigious marathon. We are proud to announce that Fast&Up, which is a leading sports nutrition drink in India, will be the official energy drink partner for the run, which means our active fuel will be hydrating more than 35,000 runners.

Once you decide to tackle this thrilling challenge, whether you are either a running newbie or a seasoned runner, everyone must ask themselves how they will proceed to prepare for the grueling 21.1 kilometers. It's a well-advised idea to adhere to a training plan and construct lifestyle changes in preparation for the race, whether you're determined to win the race or just hoping to make it to the finish line. This article provides information on how to get mentally and physically prepared for the big day. So, let’s outline the key points to remember so you allow yourself an invigorating experience instead of an excruciating one!

Understand your capabilities: Running coaches suggest that you start off with 10–15 miles (16–24 km) a week before you think of training for a half marathon. If you're new to running, make sure you gradually build up the endurance required to amass this mileage.

Map out a training plan: Having a detailed schedule in place helps track progress and conditions the body to be fully prepared for the race beforehand. If this is your first time running a marathon of any kind, pace your training so that you make sure your goals are aimed at completing the race, and not solely and blindly trying to win it.

Stay Hydrated: Ensuring you always maintain your electrolyte balance will prevent cramps, exhaustion and boost performance in ways you will not even consciously comprehend. Informed choice certified energy drinks like these electrolyte effervescent tablets can fuel your run by replacing all the electrolytes you lose during a run.

Make sure you get adequate rest: Ensuring you get ample time for rest provides time for the body to recuperate and regenerate muscles from wear and tear. Over-exhaustion results from inadequate rest after intense physical exertion. So make sure you don’t burn yourself out during training or on race day! One way, you can ensure speedy recovery is through these muscle recovery supplements.

To conclude, with ample forethought into training for the race, running a half-marathon can be a contagious thrill and an activity that provides fulfillment by nature of overcoming a seemingly arduous challenge. After all, it is overcoming challenges that create active change in our lives. Furthermore, the joy of running should be cherished by all. Happy running!

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Events Details:
Date: 18th October t 2019
Location: Delhi