ADHM 2019: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon - As It Happened

ADHM 2019: As It Happened

The thrilling Airtel Delhi Half Marathon just witnessed record participation of 40,000 runners in the impressive 15th edition of the prestigious run. The enthusiasm and determination of all the participants shone an encouraging light on the future of running in India, which seems very bright indeed. If, you’ve been bitten by the contagious running bug but have unfortunately missed this edition of the ADHM, here are a few reasons why you missed out, or rather, why you shouldn’t miss the next one. With an array of exciting activities and tremendous resources to fuel the runners with a platform to perform their best, the run was cherished by all those who were involved in this annual running spectacle.

The Starting Line

The 40,000 participants, comprised of people of different ages and professions, gathered to commence the ADHM run, and the atmosphere was buzzing with a tangible energy. The run attracted people from, all walks of life, as the categorical races held were inclusive of everyone, as long as they had the will to participate. In addition to the half-marathon, the other categorical races that took place were- Champions with Disability, Senior Citizens’ Run, and the open 10k run. It was the perfect embodiment of the joy that running can bring to everyone.

A Scenic Route

The route for the ADHM enticed all the runners as it was immensely challenging, and the joy the weather brought was ideal to enjoy the thrill of the challenge. It comprised of terrain that was varied in inclination and carried the runners along with the mesmerizing architecture of India’s capital city Delhi. The planning that went into the curation of the route ensured that the enthusiasm of the runners was sustained and uplifted.

Fast&Up Energy Station

Fast&Up is the official energy drink of the ADHM is Fast&Up’s Reload and more than 10,000 liters of it were consumed at the event. Above all, the runners must be safeguarded with the resources they need to endure the run without any impediments. That’s why, Fast&Up’s energy station was set up, in order to provide the fuel to finish the run. The hydration drinks replenished the runners with all the electrolytes that they lost and helped prevent muscle cramps that often plague runners. Fast&Up, after all, is the #1 runners’ choice of nutrition in India, so it was only fitting that their fizzy energy drink nourishes the runners at ADHM.

Furthermore, Fast&Up had organized Dhol Stations, wherein the dhol was drummed to further motivate the runners to finish the run with all their will. As you can imagine the atmosphere was buzzing with energy and excitement as they runners trodded along.

Record Participation

The 15th edition of ADHM witnessed a record participation of 40,000 runners for the invigorating environment it contained but, mainly because the spirit and thrill of running have taken over India by a storm. With every year that passes running has become a staple activity amongst several Indians, who aren’t athletes, but simply wish to pursue an active life, and what better way than to run? Therefore, it is safe to assume that the next ADHM will shatter this record participation as well.

Finishing Line

With respect to the winners of the half-marathon, Ethiopia’s Tsehay Gemechu and Andamlak Belihu defended their titles at the 15th Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on Sunday. Ethiopia’s Belihu recorded a time of 59:10 to defend his title, while Gemechu broke her event record and also produced her personal best with an impressive 66:00. However, we wish a hearty congratulations to the scores of participants at the ADHM.

In conclusion, the run was a resounding success and was carried on by the relentless spirit of Indian runners. We are tremendously excited about the next ADHM as we know it will further spread the joy of running in India.

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