Activate yourself with Fast & Up Pre-Workout Supplements

Activate your body with Pre-workout Supplements

Pre-Workout supplementation is gradually gaining reputation in sports nutrition which has been drawing attention of more fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes. The very idea behind Pre-Workout nutrition is to prepare yourself physically and mentally in order to gain the best of the workout regime that is going to be initiated. For E.g. Consider our body like an engine which is to be tested for a run. The engine will be requiring sufficient fuel to start-off stabilize accelerate the speed output it gives. In the entire phenomenon the one thing that might go unnoticed is that all the components of the engine need to be in perfect condition and well equipped with sufficient enough fuel energy to kick-start the entire process.

Similarly, in order to put or body into vigorous activity, all the necessary components such as muscles, blood flow, energy, mental alertness etc. need to be very well aligned proficiently. This helps to reap the maximum benefit of the activity to be undertaken subsequently.

What are Pre-Workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are crafted to maximize the benefits of a workout. These can be uniform i.e. containing a single key ingredient or multi-ingredient based providing diverse health benefits. Most of the pre-workout products are available in powdered form which can be mixed with water for consumption before exercise. The formulation of a pre-workout supplement differs from brand to brand as well as the target activity focused while making the product. But all of them solely focus on giving a boost to the body before initiating any exercise or activity be its boxing, cricket, football, weight lifting or even running.

Do Pre-Workout supplement help to boost the energy output?

The output of any supplement depends upon its formulation and proportion of ingredients added to it. Energy generation requires fuel source to burn which is mainly provided by amino acids. Certain amino acids such as L-Arginine, L-Carnitine etc. in pre workout complex help to enhance the blood flow which replenishes the muscle cells with nutrients effectively transported to smoothen the muscle contraction and relaxation which is an ongoing process during any physical motion.

Arginine as pre-workout supplement gets converted to nitric oxide (NO) in the body. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels by dilation thereby improving blood circulation. An efficient blood flow ensures transport of more oxygen along with other nutrients to the muscle cells thus maximizing the energy generation.

Another ace amino acid i.e. L-Carnitine works as a promoter for active utilization of fats by the body. As the fats are used for fuel breakdown needed to generate energy, it benefits in preventing the depletion of glucose levels of the body which act as prime energy stores.

Exercising sets in the body in continuous intense motion for a longer period of time than usual routine activity. During exercising, the body can accumulate free-radicals due to rigorous muscle stress and very less oxygen to support the same (also known as anaerobic activities). These free radicals are unstable components which damage the cells. Antioxidants eliminate the free-radicals produced in the body thus proving to be ideal addition to one’s pre-workout supplementation. Antioxidants such as Lycopene, Coenzyme Q10 and many more find a perfect place in formulation of an ideal pre-workout supplement.

Is it safe to use pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements which are scientifically crafted consist of adequate proportion of ingredients which can help in giving energy boost before a workout. Appropriate usage of the same along with a balanced diet to acquire overall nutrition is indeed a safe as well as valuable. It is always wise to choose the products which come with a quality assurance by renowned quality expertise.

A smartly planned exercise routine combined with appropriate supplementation and descent rest is the perfect recipe to make the most out of workout.

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Abhijeet Jagtap

-Expert and Writer

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