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Published : Sep 04, 2017
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  • Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

    Our Body ? A Complex Machine

    Vitamin Supplements Our body is quiet like a complex machine and it takes enough for it to run smoothly and for it to be nice to us everyday (well, yeah!). Ideally, we think our meal provides the body with everything that it needs. But that?s not really the case, it?s more of like a myth we have been believing in since ages. And there?s something we all need to know and have our facts cleared. Our body is expected to perform zillions of functions everyday without a stop or a pause button. And NO, We can?t have our heart or our brain or our digestive or our respiratory, or olfactory, or any system or organ in our body to stop and rest for a while. And no nor can we send any of our vital organs on a leave or on a vacation. And if at all, they plan to strike against us for giving them less of attention, less of importance, giving them less of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, then we are punished and we are brought down to take a PAID leave (Hell yeah! literally). Our body then forces us to take a leave from our daily routine or work schedule and make us pay heavy bucks to the physicians with unpleasant medications and injections if need be. DEMAND NEEDS TO MEET SUPPLY vitamins and minerals We need to understand that our body needs a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals to carry out the millions of sophisticated functions the body performs on a daily basis (non-stop, LITERALLY!). Hence, it is very important to make sure that we maintain an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals to support the demands of the body so that the body gets everything it needs to function properly. Sadly, it has been observed that it is difficult to get the recommended amount of these essentials vitamins and minerals in diet alone. Hence, we can?t be dependent on diet alone to provide us with all the vitamins, minerals, rare trace minerals, etc. in vital amounts that we need everyday and keep our body happy. You can keep your body happy everyday by giving it what it needs everyday, Simple! And what it needs is the fuel to work non-stop everyday, because the millions of functions that our body has, it is difficult for the body to suffice itself and work with very little. Hence, we need to bribe them EVERYDAY (not literally). And you can do this by gifting your body with a MULTIVITAMIN EVERYDAY!!!MULTIVITAMIN EVERYDAY Multivitamins as the name suggests has Multi vitamins and minerals and even rare trace minerals, which we hardly get from our diet. They are a mixture of vitamins and minerals designed to help fill nutritional gaps and to help ensure that our body?s demands are fulfilled and we get everything that our ever-demanding body needs for proper metabolism and for proper functioning. Vitamins and minerals are substances our body needs to function normally and stay healthy. It is well established and recognized that vitamins and minerals interact with each other and play a significant role in metabolism and therefore are important in physical performance.Vitamins and minerals supplements They are required for the transformation of energy sources, such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins into cellular energy. In short, Multivitamins help transform energy from food into cellular energy the body requires, in a way, they activate the energy from food and make it available to the body in a way it can be utilized and communicated to the body. So, even if you think you eat everything you require to run your day, take a pause and look around if you have the essential vitamins, minerals for the actual cellular energy you need. Just to make sure that you run the day and the day doesn?t run you. So don?t forget to supplement yourself with a multivitamin everyday. They help provide us with the nutritional daily requirements of body and helps us to stay active and invigorated throughout the day which helps make your everyday into a Big Day, Multivitamins help fill your everyday with that #DailySwag you need everyday. The nutrients a multivitamin provides are vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. EVERYDAY TALE! We always wonder and ponder and wait till the thunder! daily swag Many of us must have always wondered as to why are we always tired, why are we always dreading on our day and are so sluggish and clumsy throughout the day, how can we maintain a work life balance and how do we become like one ideal active, happy, healthy, productive and successful person! We keep wondering and wait till our health goes down with a thunder-shock.health everyday We lead a busy life and don?t get enough time to look after our health everyday. Also, sometimes food allergies, food tolerances, lifestyle habits, diet practices, selective food choice such as vegetarians, vegans, etc. are at higher risk of nutritional deficiency and deficiency related diseases.food allergies Clearly, our body needs something extra! But what do you take to fill your day with #DailySwag While we clearly understand why we need a MULTIVITAMIN, let us also know which MULTIVITAMIN you should take! WHICH MULTIVITAMIN SHOULD YOU TAKE? With the plethora of multivitamins available in the market, each claiming to be the best multivitamin in the universe, make sure you pick up the right multivitamin. Pick up a multivitamin which has all the essential vitamins, minerals including iron and race trace minerals. Also, make sure they are absorbed well and are absorbed fast. If a multivitamin is not absorbed well, it does no good to your health. For better absorption, check the form of the multivitamin. Look for Effervescent Multivitamins. Avoid Capsules, Tablets, etc. as they are poorly absorbed and body has to try hard to absorb whatever it can. So, make your body work less and make your body work smart. WHERE DO YOU FIND EFFERVESCENT MULTIVITAMIN?multi vitamin drink FAST&UP VITALIZE IS INDIA?S FIRST EFFERVESCENT MULTIVITAMIN WITH SWISS FORMULA! Fast&Up Vitalize is a superior combination of 12 Vitamins, 9 Minerals and 1 Natural Nitrate Rich Beetroot Extract and in an Effervescent tablet form to help provide an overall health and maintenance. Effervescent tablet provides significantly greater effectiveness and nutritional benefit than any other conventional and traditional form of supplementation. This Balanced Formula of Fast&Up Vitalize helps you enjoy balanced nutrition for your body, keeping in mind the requirements and demands of the body providing overall health and maintenance. WHY DOES FAST&UP VITALIZE CONTAIN NATURAL NITRATE RICH BEETROOT EXTRACT? Beetroot supplementation helps improve cardiovascular health. Beetroot supplementation is believed to have physiological effects and it has been assumed that it can also lead to increased athletic performance by supporting cardiovascular system. It helps enhance Nitric Oxide (NO) levels and helps in maximum oxygen consumption and increase oxygen efficiency. Recognizing the importance of evaluating the influence of dietary nitrate supplementation on exercise performance. Fast&Up Vitalize provides you with the highest 7% natural nitrate rich beetroot extract. Fast&Up Vitalize Fast&Up Vitalize help combat fatigue, stress, weakness and exhaustion, improves physical performance, and improve body?s resistance to infections, in all helps you maintain active lifestyle and an overall health and maintenance, supporting your fitness goals and in all help you add Swag not only on particular days, but have #DailySwag everyday!
    • First Time in India ? Effervescent Multivitamin Swiss Formula
    • 12 Vitamins, 9 Minerals, Including Rare Trace Minerals and Natural Nitrate Rich Beetroot Extract
    • Vegetarian Formula
    • One-For-All Product - For any sport or activity; Helps fill nutritional gaps and provide overall health and maintenance
    • Fast&Up Vitalize helps provide well-being and vitality and helps enhance performance
    HOW TO USE - Drop one tablet in 250 ml water. Wait until the tablet completely DISSOLVES and the DRINK is ready to be taken. One tablet of Fast&Up Vitalize can be consumed in the morning and if you want, other tablet can be consumed in the evening.multi vitamin supplements 
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