7 Ways To Boost Your Gym Performance

Published : Apr 29, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

    Every time you hit the gym, can all of your workouts be outstanding? Probably not. But there are a few ways to set you up for a great workout every time you grip the iron. Performing to your max potential in the gym is crucial as you’ll be able to lift much heavier & complete more repetitions, that's when you’ll make serious gains. What can be done to ensure that your workouts are not just awesome but are also inching you closer to the physique you crave?
    Here are the seven things you can start doing right away:


    We all are usually in a crunch in our fast-paced modern lives, which means we often end up reaching late to our gyms and skip a proper warm-up before indulging in the weight training session. A small session of a 10-minute warm-up consisting of some aerobic activity, dynamic stretching & mobility work helps to increase blood flow & helps to activate the neuromuscular system, which delivers overall increased strength. A warm-up also reduces injury risk, especially when training with heavy loads.


    Being mentally prepared is a good trick to start with any workout. Having a positive & strong mental approach may be as vital to your training program when it comes to performance. Visualizing and mental imagery are some powerful yet often underutilized tools. Stepping in the gym without any specific plan isn't a preamble to a successful workout. Next time before heading to the gym, take your time and make a blueprint of your exercises for the day and target muscle and reps.
    Without a proper mindset you can't attack your workouts with passion.

    The food you eat, the nutrition that goes into your body and even your daily water intake has an impact on how well you perform each and every day.

    Not just your meal before and after your workout but what you consume throughout the day matters. Keeping that in mind, if you miss any one meal of the day, you simply cannot compensate by eating too much in the pre-workout meal thinking it might give better results. It's recommended to have a light pre-workout snack an hour before your workout.

    Resting & having adequate sleep is very important. If you haven't slept the previous night or haven't rested properly before your workout, you'll feel lethargic. Listening to your body and taking a day-off is the best thing to do, in such cases. A break once in a while will do more good than slogging it out week-in and week-out.

    We often don't drink enough water throughout the day which can have detrimental effects on our strength. General guidelines suggest 2-3 liters of water per day. Having an intra-workout drink is very essential during intense strength training, especially if you sweat a lot losing electrolytes and other nutrients. Fast&Up BCAA proves to be a great recommendation. It has some amazing flavors too.
    Fast&Up BCAA Muscle Boosters

    These days there is a vast array of potent pre and post-workout supplements are available in the market to help you that extra bit in your workouts. Fast&Up PRE-WORKOUT is a good mix of ingredients that can help you go through a blasting workout. It'll help increase energy levels & also enhance mental focus. Post-workout nutrition is equally important. Here's a quick tip – add 5gms of glutamine to your post-workout whey protein shake to help you in faster muscle recovery. L-glutamine also boosts immune cell activity in the gut.
    Fast&Up Pre-Workout Supplements

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    It's easy to cut corners & make excuses as to why we didn't go heavy as we probably could and should have. Having a training partner who can act as a friendly rival will help you to push through those extra last reps. This can help you break plateaus as you push beyond your potential which ultimately results in better gains.
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