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7 Reasons why you should add super greens in your diet

Published : Aug 27, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 12, 2023

You were probably too young when your mother started to feed you all kinds of green vegetables in your diet, and let’s agree, most of them refrain to have them because of their taste and they may never look appealing. But as we all know medicines are hard to gulp but they help keep us healthy or recover from any illness we are suffering. Similarly, greens may not be yummy in taste but they do help to keep your body fit and healthy. However, if you still find it hard to add greens to your daily life, Super Greens can be one of the best alternatives you can look out for. 

7 Reasons why you should add super greens in your diet

Here are reasons why you should mention super greens in your daily diet. 

High in Phytonutrients

Super greens are infused with Phytonutrients. Phytonutrients helps to help prevent disease and keep your body working properly. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, and anti-oxidant which are highly important for your great immune system, protection against free radicals and great for tissue regeneration. 

Good source of fibre

For consuming your daily fibre needs, there’s no best options other than eating fruits and vegetables in their normal state. And when you find it difficult to consume it on a normal state, is when the super greens powder comes into rescue. These super greens are infused with fibre ideal for daily consumption. 

Provides Digestive Enzymes for Gut Health

Many people don’t consider Gut health when it comes to general day to day health. Although, without your digestive system working properly, you can find it hard to absorb the good healthy foods you’re consuming. Hence that’s when you need Digestive enzymes. They are vital for breaking down and absorbing the foods you eat. Super greens comprises a range of digestive enzymes to assist your body absorb the goodness of the other ingredients found in greens.

Gives a Natural Energy Boost

Consuming energy drinks or instant quick fixes like sodas can highly impact your body negatively. Having it every day can hamper your body to great extent, but we all need the energy to survive our day at work or lead a daily routine life. Hence, a greens powder comes into play. Greens can provide a natural energy boost. The natural slow-release carbohydrates and proteins in many of the greens powder ingredients helps to provide you with a consistent supply of energy throughout your day Not just a quick shot of go go juice.

Reduces Bloating

When your digestive system is compromised, your gut finds it difficult to properly deal with the good and bad foods you eat. Some of the foods like bread and pasta can cause acute onset of extreme bloating. However, when you supply your stomach with a steady supply of digestive enzymes and your gut will handle those situations better, with later reducing bloating. 

Ideal for maintaining good Skin and Hair Health

The more the nutrients, the better the condition of all tissue in the body. Many of the green ingredients in a greens drink contain chlorophyll. Which are rich in vitamins and minerals is ultimately beneficial for your skin and hair. 


When many of our modern diet is highly acidic and highly inflammatory, Greens help to tackle the mat ease. Greens powders are generally pH neutral or slightly alkaline, and can easily be used alongside your choice of the alkaline diet.

What is Fast&Up Active Greens?

Packed with Plant Power, Fast&Up Active Greens brings together the best nutrients from land and sea to support general well-being with reduced acidity, healthy digestion, strong immunity and nutritional balance with clean and high-quality plant-based Superfood. With clinically proven extracts, It provides pure standardized blends like Alkalizing Blend to fight acidity, Detox Blend to cleanse and ease digestion, Antioxidant Blend to boost immunity and Cellular Defense Blend to help prevent infections.

7 Reasons why you should add super greens in your diet

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