6 Ways to Give a Fresh & Fit Start to 2022

Fitness Resolutions 2022

Every December i.e. end of the year most of us think & start to plan about keeping a resolution for the next year improving their fitness and the overall lifestyle, which often comes from binge eating & not keeping up an active lifestyle. 2022 is already here and it’s never too late to get started on a new and fresh fitness journey

Having said that, we thought we’d put together 6 ways to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions. No matter what your goal is – to lose weight, be more active or as small as keeping your hydration in check, these tips will assist you stay on track.

#1. Keep it Realistic:

It’s most common among people to set the standards pretty high and aim unrealistic fitness or life goals. If you find yourself doing this, you’ll realize that you have no real chances of making it till the end. This becomes frustrating at times and puts you off working towards it. Instead set small attainable quarterly goals

#2. Make a plan and stick by it:

Always refer to a plan, this plays a vital role in time-management as well. Spend some time with your own self and organize the stuff you’re planning to do – write it down. E.g. you can make your own fitness routine for entire week and just glimpse it before heading to gym. This allows to practice effective time management, benefitting other aspects of life too

#3. Be Accountable:

Be more vocal about it, by that I mean is if you tell your closed ones friends, colleagues about your New Year’s Resolution/s you’re most likely to abide by them and also acts a reminder

The best ways to monitor your progress is use a diary, document gradual progress. Keep your fitness, nutrition, social & mental always in check and not to forget most important – your sleep. You can use a fitness tracking band as well to help you monitor and save all these.

#4. Keep Rewarding Yourself:

Now don’t get too blown away here, rewarding doesn’t mean skipping a training session just because it’s been a lazy day or chomp on a full box of cookies on a cheat day. Celebrations should be in a controlled manner. Indulge in good and positive ways of treating yourself that’ll add value to your new resolution. Head on a weekend trek, get a good massage therapy session that helps you recover or even a burger once a week with that extra dip of mayo won’t hurt much

This not only makes you joy but keeps you going for the entire week eyeing that reward at the weekend

#5. Find a Companion:

This could be your gym buddy, your work mate or even your pet which helps pushing you through daily tasks whom can motivate you when you’re feeling sluggish and think you couldn’t make it or push in for that extra rep. But keep in mind use this as just a motivation and not completely rely on them as a necessary kick up the bum

#6. One-Step-at-a-Time:

Gradual Progression is the key. Don’t go for tracking your progress daily or every now and then because scales don’t move daily unless you put in work. Be patient enough & keep grinding away at it

Remember this rule:

  • In 3 weeks you’ll feel it
  • In 5 weeks you will see it
  • In 8 weeks you will listen about it
  • Just imagine what can be achieved by end of the year.


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Roshan Shinde

-Expert and Writer

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