6 Tips to Keep Fit during Monsoon Season

6 Tips to Keep Fit during Monsoon Season

Be it heavy rains or even a mild drizzle, monsoons keep getting in the way of your daily workout which makes it difficult for you to stay fit and healthy. Plus, with the weather indoors can make you lethargic as the in-house atmosphere is so cosy where there is nothing more inviting than hitting the couch and gorging on comfort snacks. Fitness levels reach an all-time low. You can just change the way you approach your daily workout to maintain your fitness levels —monsoon or no monsoon.

• Using Staircase

Making use of a staircase to climb up or move down from your house is the best exercise one can do during the monsoon season. Even a few minutes of climbing or stepping down can boost your leg bone strength and also, helps you to develop strong joints and stay away from a knee injury.

6 Tips to Keep Fit during Monsoon Season

• Core Exercise

A strong core means a healthy you. The exercises that help you to do the same are very effective for an indoor workout. These exercises mainly to strengthen your muscles. Push-ups, squats, crunches, lunges etc. all help you're to develop strong muscles.

• Dance

Dancing freely with joy goes well with all as one can be just himself and enjoy a carefree and happier self and dancing to the tunes of his favourite music and enjoying life. This also makes up for one's workout as dancing is similar to work out and helps one to stay in good shape.

6 Tips to Keep Fit during Monsoon Season

• Yoga

Performing Yoga Asanas not only improves the flexibility of an individual but also helps to develop a strong immunity. Yoga Asanas are easy to do and help to reduce various respiratory problems especially faced during monsoon season due to constant pouring and dust that is always a presence in the air.

• Household Chores

Ever tried to know what the secret behind your mom is being so fit is nothing but her daily exercise of doing the home chores. Yes, home chores are among the best workout one can do. Clean out the shelves and cupboards, sweep the entire house, hand wash the clothes and do dishwashing.

6 Tips to Keep Fit during Monsoon Season

• Maintain Nutritional Requirement

Monsoon season brings with itself rains but also the risk of many diseases is high. This makes it more important that one takes care of his daily nutrition requirement in order to stay fit and healthy and stay away from viral diseases. Prevention through proper nutrition will always be better than cure.

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6 Tips to Keep Fit during Monsoon Season

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