Make your wedding a unique experience for your wedding party with these easy steps


A wedding is the most important day for the groom and the bride but that does not mean that others are not a part of it. Family members, relatives, friends are equally excited for the day too!  A wedding is an occasion where everyone gets a reason to reunite without any excuses.

Who would not like to make their own wedding a unique one? From planning till execution, the smallest of the detail you do to make the wedding comfortable for your guests can make it the thing they remember fondly the most!

Here are 5 ways to make your wedding stand out:

  • Goodie bag: A small welcome Goodie bag includes dry fruits, water bottle, room keys, snacks, and a thank you note.
  • Music: Usually while planning so many things we underestimate the power of music. Good music attracts people, good music can take away the fatigue of everyday activities and make people let their hair down. Music management should be in such a way that everyone should enjoy.
  • Relaxation center: Keep a relaxation center where there is no music, proper place to relax, instead of serving aerated drinks serve your guests with energy drinks which will be good for their health too. Choose Fast&Up Reload for their beverage which will satisfy the requirement of fizz too but with a twist - serve your guests a healthy fizz!

Fast&Up Reload: Tastier, Healthier, Easier

Fast&Up Reload will keep them hydrated which will keep them fresh throughout the wedding, it is available in three flavors that is citrus, cola, and berry. With essential electrolytes in a refreshing flavor, you can serve your guests with hydration that is low in sugar and good health - something we are sure every guest at your wedding party will appreciate!

  • Babysitter: Arrange baby caretakers, most of the time while looking after the kids running here and their guests miss out onto many exciting events and activities. If you can arrange baby caretakers who will make sure that kids are playing in a safe area and not going outside the wedding premises, your guest will thank you for your thoughtfulness.
  • Host an after party: After so long everyone has reunited together why to restrict them with the timings? Your friends and relatives traveled all the way for your wedding, surprise them saying the party is not over yet! 

These ideas will make your wedding stand out where while going back every guest will say “Yes, the wedding was well planned.”

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer