Hyderabad Marathon Recovery Tips, Post Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k &5k Recovery Tips

5 Ways to ensure full recovery post the Hyderabad Marathon!

We are probably jumping our guns here but it's important to discuss post-marathon recovery too! Whether you're running the half marathon, full marathon, 10k or 5k at the Hyderabad Marathon, post-marathon nutrition and recovery is underestimated, while in fact, it is as important as the marathon training itself. After running the Hyderabad Marathon, your body will be in immense physical duress, whether it's your 1st marathon or 40th. Your body will be very prone to muscle soreness, fatigue, increased creatinine production and a compressed immune system. If not taken care of correctly, marathon running can cause serious injury to the body. Here are some ways to ensure that you recover fully from your run and are back on the tracks, injury-free and ready to hit the ground running again.

  1. Walk after the finish line
While it will be tempting to go down on your knees and thank God when you complete the Hyderabad Marathon, remember that your body is still in the marathon mode and a sudden halt is not good for your body. Make sure you allow your body to transition slowly after the Hyderabad Marathon, by walking ahead slowly after crossing the finish line, even if it is for just 200 meters.

  1. Eat, enjoy and be merry!
Post the Hyderabad Marathon, nutrition is as important as hydrating your body during the marathon. Eat a small snack, such as bananas, energy bars or a good nutrition drink, and after a few hours, you can indulge in a hearty meal and reward yourself for running the Hyderabad Marathon!

  1. Take an Ice Bath
A good way to prevent muscle soreness is to take an ice bath on the day you finish running the Hyderabad Marathon. Immerse your lower body into an ice bath for approximately 15 minutes, which should ideally be around 12-16 Celsius. You could walk a little or just take a nap post this bath.

  1. Watch your running routine for the next 3 weeks
It might be tempting to jump back into the game and achieve some more after completing the Hyderabad Marathon, but your next 3 weeks are crucial. Give your body the post-marathon nutrition and recovery it needs to slowly transition and jumps back into the game for more. For 4-5 days after the Hyderabad Marathon, do not go back to running and cross-training. Just do some simple stretching to increase the blood flow to your muscles. After that, you can start with a couple of short easy runs and light cross-training, with the aim of increasing blood flow to your muscles, and not fitness. Approximately 3 weeks post the Hyderabad Marathon is a good time to start hardcore running and cross-training again. Taking your time to recover will ensure your body is not overtrained and will help show maximum results once you start running again.

  1. Get a light massage for your muscles
Within 3-4 days of completing the Hyderabad Marathon, you can get a light massage for your body done, to relax the tension in your muscles. You can also try some muscle relaxing activities yourself if you do not wish to visit a spa/massage therapist.

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