5 Ways To Ensure Full Recovery After Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

5 Ways To Ensure Full Recovery After Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

Good luck walking down the stairs the next day

Did you know Hyderabad was originally called Mahanagran?
Since Fast&Up is coming to Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2018, we decided to make #MahanagRun our official hashtag for the event. Yes! You read it right, Fast&Up is the official partner for the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2018! It is the second biggest marathon in the country after Mumbai Marathon with one of the toughest routes that challenges you and changes you.

We are probably jumping our guns here but it's important to discuss post marathon recovery when you are running a route that promises to be challenging. Whether you're running the half marathon, full marathon, 10k or 5k at the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, post marathon nutrition and recovery is equally important as the marathon training itself. While we research a lot on training for the marathon, it is what you do after which is equally after to ensure you recover faster and stronger!

One of the things you should definitely know is that after running the Hyderabad Marathon, your body will be in immense physical duress, whether it's your first marathon or 40th. Your body will be prone to muscle soreness, fatigue, increased creatinine production and a compressed immune system. If not taken care of correctly, marathon running can cause serious injury to the body.

Here are some ways to ensure that you recover fully from your run and are back on the tracks, injury free and ready to hit the ground running again.

1. Walk after the finish line
While it will be tempting to go down on your knees and thank God when you complete the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, remember that your body is still in the marathon mode and a sudden halt is not good for your body. Make sure you allow your body to transition slowly after the Hyderabad Marathon, by walking ahead slowly after crossing the finish line, even if it is for just 200 meters.
5 Ways To Ensure Full Recovery After Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2. Run Eat RepEAT!
Post the Hyderabad Marathon, nutrition is as important as hydrating your body during the marathon. Eat a small snack, such as bananas, energy bars or a good nutrition drink. You can opt for Fast&Up Recover which is India's first effervescent post-workout recovery drink. Recover has 22 amino acids which help ensure repair and building of muscles. It can be had within 30 minutes of your run and it's effervescent formula is gentle on the stomach so you don't feel full and since it is had with water, it helps to hydrate you better.

After a few hours you can indulge in a hearty meal and reward yourself for running the Hyderabad Marathon with a feast (We at Fast&Up honestly love this part!) 5 Ways To Ensure Full Recovery After Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 3. Ice Ice Baby
A good way to prevent muscle soreness is to take an ice bath on the day you finish running the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon. Immerse your lower body into an ice bath for approximately 15 minutes, which should be ideally be around 12-16 Celsius. You could walk a little or just take a nap post this bath. If ice bath is difficult, a cold shower may also be helpful to reduce the inflammation post run.

4. To Run Or Not To Run
You feel invincible since you just completed a marathon! It might be tempting to jump back into the game after completing the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, but giving your body the post marathon nutrition and recovery is crucial. Your body needs to slowly transition and not over train since that could in fact be counter-productive. For 4-5 days after the Hyderabad Marathon, do not go back to running, rather do some simple stretches to increase the blood flow to your muscles. After that, you can start with a couple of short easy runs and light cross training, with the aim of increasing blood flow to your muscles, and not fitness.

Approximately 3 weeks post the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is a good time to start hard core running and cross training again.

5. Get a light massage for your muscles
Within 3-4 days of completing the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, get a light massage for your body to relax the tension in your muscles and increase blood flow. If massage is not your thing, a foam roller can be your best friend!

5 Ways To Ensure Full Recovery After Airtel Hyderabad Marathon Happy marathon running! Share your Hyderabad Marathon experiences with us in the comments.

Vatsalya Khanna

-Expert and Writer