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5 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Day in a Healthy Way

8th March is celebrated as International Women Day all around the globe. This day is celebrated to advocate Women's rights and Equality.

International Women's Day 2021 - Fast&Up

Women, especially, in India are multi-taskers. They not only manage household work but also balance it beautifully with their work and social life. Having said that, Women’s Day will be a perfect time for every woman to take an off from work and keep all stress aside and focus on themselves, their happiness and health for their own good. Here, are 5 amazing ways to ensure that Women Day’s will be healthy yet fun –

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1. Wake Up, Exercise & Morning Juice

What else can be a better start to Women’s Day than waking up and going out for running and exercise. Getting yourself closer to mother nature will help you get inner peace and happiness. As you return, you can prepare a healthy juice or smoothie. Make sure this juice is rich in protein as it will help you to stay active and healthy throughout the day.

2. One Self-care Session is a Must!

This self-care session can be anything like a yoga session, visiting a spa or salon, watching a movie or visiting any place that makes you feel relieved and happy. As Women’s Day is about celebrating freedom and joy of being a woman, this session will help you make your body feel relaxed and healthy.

3. Manage more Time for (Health) Shopping!

Manage more Time for (Health) Shopping - Women's Day 2021 - Fast&up 

Shopping and Women are inseparable. While you will enjoy strolling through shops in malls to find best deals on clothes and other accessories, try something different this time. You should invest more in your health and look out for those deals which will help you further enhance your physique, muscles, hairs, skin, immunity, etc.

PCOS and premenstrual pain are quite common in women and only the right nutrition can help you to fight against such discomforts. Women’s Day will be a perfect time to take a step in the right direction of better health and body.

4. Ensure to Boost your Immunity

While enjoyment can be high throughout the day, higher should be your care and awareness during these unprecedented times. Going out and having fun or meeting other ladies can be on the agenda but you have to make sure that safety is first. Boosting immunity is a major precaution one can take to keep the threat away and a healthy Vitamin C juice can be quite beneficial to help fight any harms of the environment.

5. Night Time Excitement and Sleep

Give a final flourish to your day by enjoying a steamy night. A cosy and romantic night shall be the best way to end your special day. A good session in the bed will help you relax and free from all the stress that you normally carry. This will help you get a sound sleep. Good sleep helps to detox body, clear out mind and boosts immune system

These were a few ways to celebrate Women’s Day in a Healthy Way. Always keep in mind that our body is life’s biggest treasure and it’s our responsibility to keep it healthy, active and safe. 

If you are a guy who is reading this and want to make it a special day for your mom, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, fiancé or any other lady friend than above given tips will help you a lot.

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