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…adage! Usually, on the first date, we are not who we are! If you know what I mean?

We just try to get our ball into the court, hai na?

It’s normal to be bit nervous, if it’s our first date, we just try to do impressive things.

 Because, Coffee date, Dinner date, Movie date WAIT!  (is it really a date? where you both are not even having a word?) are so generic. We always think of doing something which will turn the tables.

Flowers, chocolates, rings? NO!

Not only make your date a memorable one but also a unique one,

Where few months down the line you will be saying “We never knew that we were making memories, we just knew that we were having fun”

 A healthy date is where you both understand not only your likes, dislikes and habits but your soul, that side of you which nobody knows about.

Your true version and not the 2.0 version!


Here are 5 unique date Idea’s:


1.     Cook Together: Going out on a lunch or a dinner date is so stereotypical, the real fun comes in when you both work together for that date. Just imagine how exciting it would get when you both will be on a date where the table is decorated by you two.

A couple cooking together in the kitchen 

2.       Reawaken your inner child:  Do something that you use to love to do when you were a child, go back and explore each other’s childhood together.


3.     Go to the beach: Enjoy the beauties of nature at its best. Like Vitamin C give you benefits, Vitamin Sea might turn out to be beneficial for you two. 


Let the beach Charge the Vitamin Sea within you!

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 4.      Sports: To make it a challenging and adventurous one, choose any sport for the day be it Squash, volleyball, basketball, or any other. This will make your date a challenging one, this is not the place where you will be taking chocolate or flowers for your partner. While playing sports you both will need energy, so how about taking energy along?

Fast&Up Energy gels - Chocolate

Take this chocolate flavored instant energy gel along with you, for you and your partner which will serve you both with energy and this will be something perfect to gift for such a challenging date and yes! See chocolate somehow made the way!

 5.      Foot and beats:  Foot and beats says dancing! Go salsa, join a dance class together, learn something new together, and let the music decide the romance. This is how daily at least for an hour you both will have an exciting date and learn something new.



Anyone of the above will make your date a super fun date!




Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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