Yoga Day - 5 Trending Yoga Styles

Most Popular Yoga Styles - 5 Yoga Trends You Should Try

“Change is the only Constant” is a very dominant quote that we hear frequently. Yoga too has abided to it. Yoga which is known to have its Origin in India is performed and practised by millions of people all over the world. With modernization of human civilization, Yoga too has upgraded itself to suit the requirements of the present. Various new styles of Yoga have emerged off late and have attracted the interest of millennials.

Let’s see 5 Trending Yoga Styles -

• Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga is an exciting way of practising Yoga asanas. Here, person performs Yoga asanas with the help of a hammock or a Yoga swing which are really fun to do. Also, known as anti-gravity Yoga, Aerial Yoga is a unique mixture of acrobatics and Yoga.

5 Trending Yoga Styles

• Dance/Music Yoga
This form Yoga is loved by those who have fondness towards Dance and Music. This entertaining way of doing Yoga involves one to sync his/her movements with the tune of the music. Yoga asanas are performed according to the rhythm of the music which gives it grace like Dance. Combined with music and dance, this form of Yoga helps to maintain the peace of mind.

• Power Yoga
Power Yoga is very intense form of Yoga which involves giving salutations to Sun by balancing, twisting & moving all body parts in a very pacy sequence. This form of Yoga is normally practised in the morning in the presence of Sun which leads to a lot of sweat. Sweat leads to loss of electrolytes which should be refuel instantly to tackle fatigue and stress.

5 Trending Yoga Styles

• Partner Yoga
Partner Yoga as the name suggests is done with your partner. This is a great way of bonding with your best friend, boyfriend, husband or one with whom you would like to increase your closeness. This Yoga Style can certainly spark your life with your partner.

5 Trending Yoga Styles

• Acro-Yoga
Acro-Yoga too involves partners to perform some thrilling asanas. Here, one partner acts as a base and the other is doing asanas balancing on him/her. It requires great balancing skills. This form of Yoga is very challenging and is very helpful in building strong muscles.

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