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5 Top Scores by Chennai Super Kings

Published : Sep 17, 2020 1 mins read Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

Over the years, the Chennai Super Kings have delivered power-packed performances that have left us amazed by their collective standard (they’ve lifted the trophy thrice!) that have proved to be the Stallworth of the IPL. Captained by none other than the formidable Mahendra Singh Dhoni-CSK- has put some chart-topping scores that have left the opposition flabbergasted for a response. Sometimes, all the fielding side can do is hope the heavy-hitting gets over soon enough! After all, in just 20 overs CSK has outdone themselves with the scores they have set. So, in lieu of their penchant for setting high scores- let's take a look at the top 5 highest scores they have set and which team members orchestrated these powerful results!

1. 246 Runs Against Rajasthan Royals

On the 3rd of April 2010- CSK set a whopping 246 runs against the Rajasthan Royals which turned out to be a very memorable match indeed!

CSK Highest Scores - 246 Runs Against Rajasthan Royals- Fast&up

2. 240 Runs Against Kings XI Punjab

On 19th April 2008- the Chennai Super Kings won their match by 33 runs against the Kings XI from Punjab. Indeed, it was a showdown of the best batting skills. No wonder when a team is lead by MS Dhoni and trained by Stephen Fleming- the results speak for themselves!

3. 223 Runs Against Sunrisers Hyderabad

On the 8th of May- CSK won by an a clear cut 77 runs as they smashed a very impressive scorecard against the Sunrisers!

4. 222 Runs Against Delhi Daredevils

On the 25th of May 2012-the clash of the South of India versus the North of India- CSK came out on top as the batsman put on a marvellous show- as they secured a robust total of 222. Indeed, a match and a number to remember!

5. 211 Runs Against Delhi Daredevils

Once again the two clashed, and this time although the total was slightly lesser it still makes it to the top 5 totals made by CSK. On 3oth April 2018 - CSK secured the win by 13 runs (still, a close match up surprisingly!)
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We hope you enjoyed this catch-up of all the power-hitting CSK has demonstrated over the years. We eagerly await CSK’s performance this year as the talent-packed squad take centre stage once again. This time, we are proud to say that they will be fueled with the intelligent nutrition of Fast&Up- as they take on the role of the Official Nutrition Partner of the magnanimous Chennai Super Kings!

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