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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Indian Football

Football is a game which is celebrated worldwide to the extent that the FIFA world cup Finals is considered the biggest event in the world. The Indian community have embraced football but the country that considers cricket a religion sometimes leads to other sports suffering as they don’t get the attention they quite rightly deserve.

While everyone might have a Favourite Club playing in Europe and would wake up till 3 am (if they don’t go to extra time) and take that extra effort to keep up to date with the latest happenings of their favourite clubs, they might not know what’s going on in the Indian football scene.

So let’s go ahead and unravel a few things that need to be put under light.

Some of them may be fun, some being quite obvious and some that you might actually be surprised about.


1.       How beautifully is Sunil Chhetri decorated with accolades.

I – league’s all-time highest goal scorer

India’s all time highest goal scorer with 67 goals.

Just to make you understand how big this achievement is

Class. Captain. Chettri.

2.       Bengaluru FC and how they have been making us proud at the AFC Cup.

For the Past few years, Bengaluru FC have been treating us with amazing performances

2015: Round of 16

2016: Runner-up

2017: Inter-zone finals

2018: Inter-zone semi-finals.

Though they are yet to lift the trophy, it is the only Indian team in a long-long time to be shining at this stage.

3.       Salt Lake Stadium

This is one of the most famous football grounds in India and is the home to two legendary Indian clubs East Bengal and Mohun Bagan and has hosted the best of the best in the game like Oliver Kahn and Lionel Messi. It boasts a current capacity of 85,000.

        But, did you know that is one of the world’s top 10 largest football stadiums in the world.

         Yes “Oh my god” is how you are supposed to react.

4.       East Bengal and Mohun Bagan

One unparalleled history, while the top players in the Indian circuit have graced the colours of these clubs. It is a moment of pride for a player to have been played for these two clubs while both of them sharing the same stadium as their home.

The rivalry between these two teams is almost 100 years old.

But did you know, that this Rivalry features in the FIFA's classic derby list and is ranked alongside famous rivalries like like Real Madrid VS Barcelona and Liverpool VS Manchester United


5.       The Durand Cup

Started in 1888, it is the oldest football tournament in India.

But where does it rank in the world?

It is the third-oldest football tournament in the world only behind FA CUP and Scottish Cup respectively.


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Tarun Kathuria

-Expert and Writer

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