Training and Tips for Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 20th August 2017

5 things that will push you to run to the finish line of the Hyderabad Marathon 2017

Training for and running the Hyderabad Marathon needs some beast effort and while you're gearing up for the upcoming run, here are a few things that will push you to run to that finish line:

1. The sweet taste of success

Whether you have registered for the marathon as an elite runner or a standard runner, the glorious feeling of finishing your run, just makes you ecstatic. Think of the satisfaction you will get when you realize - YOU DID IT! The pain, the sweat, the training, the discipline, it'll all be worth it. Let the sheer joy of completing the Hyderabad Marathon boost your spirit to run!

2. Post-run Rewards

Plan an exciting post-run activity, be it an indulgent meal or a day at the spa. That will surely push you to finish your marathon, and after all, don't you deserve it too? Splurge and celebrate the months and months of training, preparation, and discipline!

3. Get temporary motivational tattoos

Sounds weird? Believe us, just how every small part of your post-workout and pre-workout nutrition is important, every small aspect of your run matters too! Having some temporary motivational tattoos to look at, will only get you through the Hyderabad Marathon faster. After all, is there a thing such as extra motivation?

4.Bounce to the Beat

Music can make you train harder, run faster. Make a running mixtape that has songs that have more than 120 Beats Per Minute (BPM). Running to the beat can keep you charged throughout your marathon and it will surely ensure that you will dance with joy when you reach that finish line!

5. Turn your run into an Adventure

You should go all out when it comes to running, be it the preparation, training, or the run itself. Do whatever it takes to keep your spirits high, even if involves turning your run into an adventure game and having make-believe obstacles on your way that you need to overcome. Do whatever it takes to get you to that finish line, and the Hyderabad Marathon is yours to conquer!