Published : Feb 22, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

    Who would not love to snooze off the alarm and go back to sleep?

    But we never do realize, that one hour of sleep can make us so lazy for the whole day or can be the reason of causing destructions to our overall day schedule. An early morning workout offers many health benefits not only to our health but also to our daily schedule.

    Figuring out a perfect workout regime for self can be quite baffling, but don’t let these issues stop your from reaching your goals. It’s true that you cannot master a new habit within a day, it takes time but once you are into it, believe that you are almost there.

    A female athlete stretching while the sun is rising

    Let us look at the benefits of morning workouts a bit closer:

    ·         Cultivate good habits: Back in our school days we all came through this saying “Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.” during those days we never took it so seriously, because we were never exposed to responsibilities and issues that we come across and deal with today.

    Early morning workouts will not only make you grow fit but also help you build your strong inner self-discipline, because of which you will stay confident and do more productive things then you usually can.


    ·         Enhance Metabolism: EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumptions) is a widely used term in the fitness industry, which means nothing but your body burns more calories post workout. Research says that a participant can burn 190 extra calories in the next 14 hours post workout. This theory goes well with morning workouts where in, you will get up and pump your body metabolism and then you will start eating.


    Once you get into morning workouts you yourself will notice your lifestyle will start getting organized day by day and, your self-confidence will shoot up inevitably but one thing you should not avoid is post workout recovery which will keep you ready for your next performance with full of energy.  

    Fast&Up Recover Tube saying

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    Recover has 20 vegetarian essential amino acids with glutathione for instant post-work recovery of muscles, through which you will recover soon and be ready for your next performance, be it at your workplace, your college or any activity you do.

    Recover is in the form of an effervescent tablet with a refreshing Raspberry flavor. Recover is all banned substances free and is a 100% Vegetarian product.

    ·         Sleep like a baby: It feels so good when you go to bed and just doze off immediately! This happens only when we are tired after a long busy day, and how about? Sleeping with satisfaction that even with this hectic schedule you took some time out for yourself, that too for your health!

     A sleeping baby

    ·         Diet goals will get fulfilled: You become what you eat! You are waking up early in the morning and you are working out to get that slim body which you always desired for, right? Who would like to eat oily junk food just after burning so many calories? Eat healthy, because you have to hustle for that desired muscle.

    A couple cooking in the kitchen


    ·         Improves your mental health: It’s a fact that morning workout improves focus and mental stability, which will bring your mind at peace.

    When you are mentally stable and focused you tend to concentrate more on your work and stay pumped for the entire day.

    Isha Samtani
    Daily Health & Wellness

    Isha being a fitness enthusiast herself believes that daily health and wellbeing can be easily achieved through regular exercise and following such food habits that are nutritious and healthy. She ... Read More

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