5 Reasons to watch India v/s Pakistan match in ICC World Cup 2019

Published : Jun 15, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

    The Greatest Cricketing Competition will be on the 16th June 2019 when India and Pakistan will face against each other in ICC World Cup 2019 match at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. The cricket competition between the two nations has been a favourite of many fans as the get to see some fabulous cricket being played and both teams giving in their all for winning the match.

    5 Reasons to watch the match are -

    5 Reasons to watch India v/s Pakistan match in ICC World Cup 2019

    • Virat Kohli – The Run Machine

    When both the teams met in the ICC World Cup 2015, India had won on the back of a fine hundred made by King Kohli. Kohli’s wicket is a key for the opposition but he is not the one who throws it away. His patented Cover drive and Flick shot are his best scoring shots.

    Virat is undoubtedly a great batsman but he is also a very fast and safe fielder. He chases the bowl fast and in the end overs guards the boundary as he has very strong leg muscles which helps him save crucial runs for Team India.

    • Old Traditional Competition

    The cricketing competition between India and Pakistan is always high on entertainment and the level of cricket played is of high class. With players applying their full energy on the field you can never miss even a single moment as you never know what moment of excellence may conspire during the match.

    • Enthusiastic Fans

    The match is made more exciting, intense and amazing by the fans of both the teams. The stadium is packed with fans of both the teams and there is continuous canting of both teams that makes the stadium atmosphere live. This makes the players more pumped which makes them give their best and win it for their nation.

    5 Reasons to watch India v/s Pakistan match in ICC World Cup 2019

    • Accurate Indian Pacers

    Boom BoomBumrah has made the batsmen dance to his tunes in the ICC World Cup 2019. He has led the Indian Bowling attack and has made opposition batsmen toil hard for runs. Bhuvneshwar, in ICC World Cup 2019 has shown his craft with the ball and has swung it both sides to choke the runs in powerplay overs. On the eve of the match, the good performance of these players will get their team to a good start.

    Bowling at the death is not an easy task and all these bowlers make an impact the end of the innings. They keep their focus and deliver even during the pressure situation. To stay focused as they are, click here.

    5 Reasons to watch India v/s Pakistan match in ICC World Cup 2019


    • MaukaMauka

    MaukaMauka is the words you can hear and read everywhere, whenever there is an Indo-Pak cricket clash. This is because of the history that the two team’s shares among each other where India has maintained its 100% win record against the arch-rivals in all the ICC World Cup events. These words just add on to the excitement of the match.

    India and Pakistan match is a treat to watch for the cricketing fans because the match is played with full intensity as both teams want to win the match. This Sunday will only be about Cricket.


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