Active Life Tips: 5 Reasons that all Athletes Need to Know

5 Reasons Adopting an Active Life Makes Us All Athletes

If we look at it objectively, the world is our gym and we are athletes who are continually strengthened by its environment, that is if we participate in it. Therefore, if we change our perspective we are all athletes in the game of Life. In everyday life, we naturally squat, lift heavy weights, and so on. It is for this simple fact, that we must acknowledge that performance matters to all of us. Ensuring we always perform at our very best, fuelled by a complete synergy of body and mind is a guaranteed way to be the pinnacle of our ideal selves. Performance matters, even more, when one is trying to strive for an active life. So, we at Fast&Up have created a list to prove to you that an active life starts with everyday activities, that can make all of us athletes in our own right.


If you’re buying groceries or a new pair of shoes, shopping entails walking around (we’re talking upwards of 200 calories per hour). You can get a more intense workout by parking further away from the grocery store and by focusing on pushing the heavy grocery cart around the store. Just make sure you maintain pace and shopping can be a nourishing cardiovascular exertion. If your energy levels are low, however, remember that hydration supplements such as Fast&Up’s Reload is fit for the job.

5 Reasons Adopting an Active Life Makes Us All Athletes


"Walking is easily one of the most understated forms of exercise," says personal trainer Aditya Jain over email. "Walking at a steady pace is still a cardiovascular exertion and also can aid as a stress reliever. At some point every day, you will be walking, so try and add on some more time and distance while you're doing it." According to Harvard Health, walking for only 20 minutes a day can significantly lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Ensuring the prevention of disease can also be done by the regular intake of hydration supplements and of vitamin C supplements such as Fast&Up’s Charge.


Walking upstairs is a fantastic form of progressive resistance because you have to use your body weight and you inherently involve your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. Say farewell to the elevator at work, and you'll soon start to feel more energetic, uplift your immune system, and even lower your risk for major metabolic diseases. Also, one must note that pre-workout and during workout drinks like Fast&Up’s Activate are ideal for maximizing performance.

5 Reasons Adopting an Active Life Makes Us All Athletes


Have you realized that after scrubbing the floor you find yourself immediately sweating? Household cleaning can be an adequate calorie burner, as you are perpetually engaged, and even if things, like cleaning windows, are seemingly strenuous, they will ensure they keep your heart rate up!

5 Reasons Adopting an Active Life Makes Us All Athletes


For all the home cooks out there it can be an extremely satisfactory exercise because it keeps you on your feet, bustling around and keeps your heart rate at a steady pace. Chopping and kneading using a rolling pin are other suitable little activities that also give your muscles quite a workout! It may seem minimal but even minimal exercise is better than spending your day on the couch! And for all the mothers who have naturally become accomplished chefs, we at Fast&Up have curated special electrolyte effervescent tablets to boost your active lifestyle. Click here to see our special bundle.

5 Reasons Adopting an Active Life Makes Us All Athletes

An active life is fundamental to social, physical and emotional well-being, and as we can see it is easily achievable with just a few adaptable changes that we can all make! Click here to assist your journey in achieving a successful active lifestyle from inside and out.

Mohd Amaan

-Expert and Writer