Published : Dec 04, 2018
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    The fact is we do get influenced by stories, and to stay motivated we crave positivity, motivation and encouragement. So it is important to come in contact with motivated stories. Here is the list of 5 movies which can motivate you:

    DANGAL:  This movie is a true story of Geeta Poghat, the first Indian wrestler to win a gold medal, the reason she reached the sky was because of her father Mahavir Poghat who was demotivated to get into wrestling and he was forced to give up on wrestling because of financial circumstances. He made a plan to train his future sons to get into wrestling but was blessed with four daughters, which disappointed him. He was determined to make his dreams come true and with his radical thinking he decided to take his daughters to that level if boys can get into wrestling, then why not girls.

    Dangal movie poster 

    SULTAN: “Gold medals are not really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard-to-find alloy called guts”- Dan Gable

    Sultan is a Love story integrated with the wrestling background, in a nutshell, this movie shows us the will of Sultan Ali Khan who was living just a normal life got into something which was not his thing! He worked hard towards it willingly and gave in his blood, sweat, and effort to reach there. His motivation and will proved he was really the Sultan of the ring!

    Sultan movie poster 

    SOORMA: This movie is a biopic on Sandeep Singh, ex-India Hockey Captain who was popularly known as Flicker Singh. After meeting with an accident as his, anyone would have given up. But not Sandeep Singh, it was his determination towards his dreams that he actually got over that horrifying phase and made the greatest comeback in the history of sports!  He is a great role model not only for hockey players but anyone who needs to understand what it takes to not give up. Giving up is easy, giving it all - that is the tough part, and that is how one becomes Soorma (legend)!

    Soorma movie poster

    We are happy to announce that Sandeep Singh is fueled up with Fast&Up nutrition and is the Fast&Up brand ambassador. Fast&Up is proud to fuel the Real Soorma of Sports!

    Fast&Up Brand Ambassador Sadeep Singh 

    LAKSHYA: This movie is a story of Karan Shergill, his aim was to find the purpose in his life. He belongs to a rich family but it was not money what concerned him but the reason to live was, then he decided to join Indian Army, so the movie is all about his struggle and unconditional love towards the nation!

    Hritik Roshan

    BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG:  After losing his close family members in India-Pakistan war, the anger inside Milkha Singh reached the fire which made him keep running to chase his dreams. Based on the true story of Milkha Singh who is also known as the ‘Flyer Singh,’ this movie chronicles the truth behind his life and helps unfolds his plight, struggle and non-stop hard work.

    The spirit of bhaag milkha bhaag 


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