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5 Keys Highlights of England v/s New Zealand Final Match, ICC World Cup 2019

Published : Jul 17, 2019 3 mins read Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

44 years of long wait could not have tasted any sweeter than it did yesterday for England Cricket Team and its fans. England has waited till the universes end to earn the glory and everything in the universe conspired for them to be Crowned as World Champions. However they did not achieve the tag of the Champions so easily, as they had to play the best of their cricket under pressure.

Let’s have a look at 5 Key Highlights of the Finale Match.

5 Keys Highlights of England v/s New Zealand Final Match, ICC World Cup 2019

• Williamson Chose to Bat First

Kane Williamson opted for the tried and tested formula of batting first in a pressure game. The decision of batting first and winning the match was in trends in ICC World Cup 2019 and New Zealand posted a daunting total of 241 on a pitch which was assisting fast bowlers.

The pressure was very high on England and New Zealand to win their maiden title to become the champions. Both of these sides stayed focused mentally to fight the pressure and remain stress-free of playing a World Cup Final match to give us a memorable match.

• Chris Woakes Timely 3-fer

Chris Woakes used the slope of Lord’s Stadium to his advantage to bag a 3-fer to his name on the night which mattered the most to his team. He struck early wicket of Guptill and then returned to take the priced wicket of set batsman Tom Latham and got Grandhomme’s wicket to derail NZ’s innings. His new ball skills were top-notch in the entire tournament.

• Fast and Fierce Ferguson

Lockie Ferguson was clocking 150 km/hr regularly in the tournament to rattle the opposition. He got New Zealand back in the game with two timely and key wickets of set batsmen like Bairstow and Buttler. He also took a fabulous low catch to send England’s Captain Morgan back to the pavilion. He certainly carried NZ’s bowling throughout the tournament.

5 Keys Highlights of England v/s New Zealand Final Match, ICC World Cup 2019

Ferguson bowls long spells but never compromises on his pace. Bowling continuously at the same pace in heat is not easy and the bowler has to stay well hydrated for this purpose

• A Six which was Not a 6!

Ben Stokes who was in prime form throughout the tournament and had played some match-winning knocks for the team earlier in the tournament was well set to carry his team home. In the last over, he hit a six but not clearing the boundary. He played the ball towards deep mid-wicket and set off for 2, on his way back, fielder threw the ball towards the keeper’s end which got deflected from his bat and went for 4 overthrows. 2 + 4 = 6. This was one crazy moment of the match which left everyone awe-struck.

• Tied Match. Tied Super Over. Boundaries make England Champions!

After all the drama that unfolded with Stokes by mistakenly deviating the ball to the boundary, some was still left in store as the match tied. England than hit 15 runs in their super over and it was followed by New Zealand getting to 15 runs in their super over. For all those who had skipped many beats during this adventurous match, finally, they got to know who was the winner. It was England who was declared as Champions on the basis of higher boundary count.

5 Keys Highlights of England v/s New Zealand Final Match, ICC World Cup 2019

Only a brave could have survived after watching everything that unfolded during the finals. Those who had nerves of steel and strong heart were the ones who enjoyed the full match and went through each and every phase of the game.

All these players have ensured that they have been at the peak of their health throughout the tournament so that their sides win each and every match. They will have to fight with fatigue, stress, and pressure of the World Cup Finals. The Fast&UpMagnesio supplement is a refreshing Lime & Lemon flavored formula designed to ease muscle cramps, spasms, fatigue, stress, and exhaustion by restoring and promoting healthy magnesium and zinc levels in a cricketer.

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